3 myths about microwave foods

(BPT) – Everyone has their favorite foods they save for a special treat, or to make an already enjoyable occasion even better. But with a constant flow of information about food and health trends, it’s often difficult to know which are the best choice for you and your family. Is what you’re hearing even true?

Myth 1: Microwave popcorn is toxic

Reality: Microwave popcorn is safe and contains no added diacetyl or trans fats. Most major microwave popcorn brands removed these ingredients years ago.  Dr. Tara Gidus recommends choosing Orville Redenbacher’s and/or Act II brand microwave popcorn, as both have 0 grams of trans fats per serving and do not contain diacetyl. “Also,” notes Dr. Gidus, “These popcorns provide a whole grain, gluten-free snack – so you can feel good about snacking away.”

Myth 2: Microwaves are harmful and kill nutrients in food

Reality: Microwaves are a convenient tool for cooking and heating foods and can even preserve nutrients. In fact, microwaving vegetables can preserve up to 80 percent of their vitamins and nutrients, which is comparable to boiling them. Also, fruits and vegetables are flash frozen at their peak of ripeness, so there is virtually no nutritional difference between fresh and frozen. Additionally, frozen meals are made with fresh ingredients like fruits and vegetables and are a great option to get the recommended amounts of daily nutrients.

Myth 3: Food should be eaten raw to get the enzymes you need

Reality: Cooked foods can be just as healthy as raw. While the nutrient contents of certain foods, like broccoli, can be affected by exposure to heat, heating can be beneficial for other foods. For example, the antioxidant lycopene in tomatoes can be absorbed by the body much more readily in cooked tomatoes rather than raw tomatoes.

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