4 steps to fit this year

(BPT) – One in four Americans will post a New Year’s fitness resolution on a social network this year. If you plan to be one of them, posting the resolution is a great first step but what are your plans for following through and ensuring that when you look back next year, you can consider it mission accomplished?

Research shows 73 percent of those who make a fitness resolution give up before the goal is reached. So how do you make sure you see your goal through to the end? Make sure these four tips are part of your fitness plans:

* Set small, achievable goals. Don’t make the mistake of setting one large goal months in advance – like trying to lose 50 pounds in six months. Instead, set smaller goals like losing 10 pounds a month. Smaller goals, over a shorter time make it easier for you to stay on task and a smaller goal is also easier to achieve, providing that extra motivation for your next goal.

* Develop a fitness plan. Small achievable goals should be one component of your overall fitness plan. If you don’t have a plan, it’s time to create one. Attempt a weight loss goal without a plan and you’re more likely to lose sight of your goals. Bodybuilding.com’s BodySpace is a great resource for those who need help creating a plan. BodySpace includes a mobile app and a personal calendar, making it easy to track your workouts and your progress. People who are held accountable for their health and fitness goals are 27 percent more likely to succeed, make sure you’re one of them.

* Get the support you need. Sometimes you need a little push to get out the door, on the machine or in the gym. BodySpace’s online fitness community includes more than 9 million members who connect with one another for advice, motivation, tips and encouragement. You’ll find the answers you need from seasoned pros and the encouragement you need from goal-orientated people just like yourself.

* Find a little extra motivation. There are numerous health benefits to losing weight, but if you need just a little bit more motivation, signing up for Bodybuilding.com’s $ 200,000 Transformation Challenge can provide all the motivation you need. Register for the challenge and you are automatically a member of BodySpace. This year’s challenge is the largest yet, $ 100,000 more than last year. Registration is free for people 18 and over and once you register you’ll have access to free workout and nutrition programs designed by the fitness industry’s best. You’ll also receive weekly emails on nutrition, workouts, motivation and supplementation, perfect to keep you motivated and help you stay on track. The top male and female winners will win $ 80,000 each and the inaugural people’s choice winner will be awarded $ 40,000. Last year contestants lost a whopping 29,725 total pounds. You can learn more by visiting www.bodybuilding.com or through this infographic.

With the right plan, benchmarks and motivation, there’s no reason you can’t reach your fitness goals in the next year. So what are you waiting for? Embrace the challenge and you’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of.

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