4 ways clean water changes your life

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(BPT) – Every day, millions of families across the globe don’t have clean water to drink. In fact, more than 600 million people lack access to clean water, according to the World Health Organization and UNICEF. Illness caused by contaminated water kills more children than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. When people drink dirty water they ingest bacteria, parasites and viruses that can lead to serious illness. But when families have clean water to drink, it not only saves lives, it transforms them.

See how clean water has the power to turn obstacles into opportunities.

1. Clean water = better health

When children have access to clean water, they are no longer susceptible to serious illnesses transmitted through dirty drinking water. When kids aren’t sick, they can absorb nutrients from food so they can grow strong and get more out of each day.

2. Clean water = more education

Contaminated water causes children to get sick. When they are sick, they miss out on important days in school. Clean water keeps children healthy so they can regularly attend class, and have the energy, strength and focus to pursue their education and ultimately, their dreams.

3. Clean water = brighter futures

When a family has access to clean water, the entire family stays healthy. Parents are well enough to earn regular income, which in turn provides financial stability and brighter futures for their families.

4. Your help = more clean water

For more than a decade, the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program has provided clean water to children and families in need in 75 countries. And you can help too when you watch and share P&G’s Power of Clean Water video. For each share, P&G will donate a day’s worth of clean drinking water (equivalent to two cents) to a child in a developing country.  

The program was founded more than a decade ago, after P&G scientists developed an innovative technology that transforms dirty water into clean drinking water. The P&G Purifier of Water packet puts the power of a water treatment plant into a packet the size of a tea bag. Since 2004, P&G and its more than 150 partners have delivered 9 billion liters of clean water to children and families around the globe.

To continue transforming obstacles into opportunities, the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program has set a goal of delivering 15 billion liters of clean drinking water by 2020 to reduce illness caused by contaminated water and to help save lives. Learn more at www.csdw.org.

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