5 easy ways to make your outdoor space the best on the block

(BPT) – When the calendar flips to the summer months, all you can think about is getting outside and soaking up the sun. But when you look out the window into your yard, what do you see? Is it an inviting space that encourages you to get out and enjoy the fresh air? Or could it use a bit of sprucing up?

This is an opportunity to upgrade and get the most out of your outdoor space. With only a few features, you can create a leisurely outdoor space fit for relaxation and escape from everyday stressors. These backyard additions can bring both functionality and beauty to your home’s exterior.

Pumped up curb appeal. Curb appeal can make or break the appearance of your home. Step out to the street and take a look at your home from a passerby’s view. What stands out? Consider adding a fresh coat of paint to your siding or a bright shade to your front door. Plant a few colorful flowers in window boxes or pots for some eye-catching detail.

Outdoor lighting. Another way to add curb appeal is to illuminate your home with outdoor lighting. Strategically place lights throughout your yard to add a welcoming theme to the look of your home. Outdoor lighting also provides a number of safety features. Not only does it deter burglars and vandals, but it makes your pathways and sidewalks easier to see so you can have added peace of mind.

Cozy fire pit. Whether it’s built-in or portable, a fire pit can work wonders on a backyard’s ambiance. Imagine warming up during those breezy summer nights around the fire with your family and friends. This simple addition instantly transforms your patio into an inviting gathering space and allows you to entertain long after the sun goes down. You can already taste the roasted marshmallows and hot dogs.

Updated gates. Fences and gates are great for keeping kids and pets out of places they shouldn’t be like pools, gardens and other potentially dangerous areas. When updating your outdoor space this summer, a safer gate latch is a necessity. The Magna Latch Alert by D&D Technologies is the only gate latch in the world with an integrated alarm system, providing both audible and visual security features. Keep your gated areas safe with an alarm that sounds if someone is getting into an area they shouldn’t. You can install a latch gate in minutes without the need for special tools, screws or wiring. It’s essentially two projects in one: a reliable gate latch and alarm.

Outdoor kitchen. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy meals outside with your family and friends. Why not take the cooking outside too? This way, you’ll be able to socialize with your guests while preparing a delicious barbecue meal for them. An outdoor kitchen can be as simple or as complex as you’d like. Start with a grill and work your way into outdoor refrigerators, sinks and serving areas.

Summertime shouldn’t be spent sitting indoors. Studies show that spending time in the sun increases your vitamin D levels, which helps fight certain conditions like depression, osteoporosis and heart attacks, according to Harvard Health Publications. Make your outdoor time more enjoyable this summer with these outdoor living additions.

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