5 fresh steps to reorganize your spring routine

(BPT) – The changing seasons create a great opportunity to rethink your habits to keep your “always on” routine at its freshest. With some quick, consistent changes, you can refresh your daily routine and form better habits with minimal effort required. Here are five easy tips to feel confidently fresh and always on as you go about your day.

Prep the night before. Have you ever been late in the morning because you weren’t organized for the day ahead? Take 10 minutes before bed to pack your bag for the next day. After all, the more you rush, the more likely you are to forget something important. Gather your essentials in advance — whether gym clothes, lunch or handbag basics — so you don’t miss anything in the morning. Anticipating the day’s needs will make you feel more confident come morning knowing you don’t have to worry that you’ve forgotten anything before heading out the door.

Eliminate the snooze button. It’s tempting to hit the snooze button when the alarm goes off, but that is no way to get ahead. For a better start, set the alarm for the time you truly need to be up and then place it somewhere that requires you to get out of bed to turn it off. This will make it easier to wake up the first time. Then use those extra few minutes to eat breakfast, shower or apply makeup — the possibilities are endless. Give it three weeks and you won’t miss your snooze button at all.   

Freshen up your beauty routine. Do you really need a dozen bottles of half-used moisturizers and a purse full of last season’s lip and nail colors? Refresh your beauty cabinet and makeup bag to keep your essentials easily accessible. Every woman has her list of must-haves to keep on hand and in her bag — dry shampoo, hand sanitizer and daily panty liners. Try Always Xtra Protection liners to feel shower fresh all day long. These thin and flexible daily liners are super comfy and keep you 5 times drier as you go about your day. It’s extra convenient that they are individually wrapped, so you can toss some in your gym bag, purse, desk and bathroom for that always on, always shower fresh feeling anywhere you go.

Travel essentials to stay shower fresh. In your 24/7 life, you never know where the day will take you. From morning meetings in the office to last minute business trips, you always want to feel your best. There are certain items that are portable and easy to keep around to refresh without taking up too much room in a carry on. Deodorant, daily panty liners and eye drops are a smart travel top three. Deodorant will keep you smelling sweet and can also be used to prevent blisters from unforgiving shoes, eye drops can refresh dry eyes or take redness out of a zit and 50 percent of women agree that wearing a liner on a long flight would keep them feeling fresher, according to a 2013 Always online study. From take-off to touch down, you’ll not only have finished reading your latest book club selection, you’ll also feel as fresh as when you started. 

Find time to refresh daily. Whether near or far, at home or at work, burning off some steam (and even some calories) with exercise or a night out is a great way to refresh your body and mind. Don’t let any 9-5 obligations keep you from finding time for yourself! Carving out a little “me” time is an important way to keep you feeling your freshest day in and day out. To make it easier to fit it all in, try creating calendar appointments for your workouts and social plans to make them feel like more of a priority. Also, keep your personal essentials (make up, panty liners, deodorant) handy to seamlessly transition from one thing to the next, proving that an “always on” woman can do it all and still feel her freshest!

Try these easy tips to help refresh and reorganize your daily routine for the next few weeks and see how simple it is to change your habits.

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