5 helpful tips for sticking to your New Year’s resolutions this spring

(BPT) – On average, two-thirds of Americans set New Year’s resolutions to begin the new year with a fresh outlook. Whether it’s changing your diet, saving money or starting a new hobby, it seems almost everyone is trying to accomplish something when January rolls around.

With the new year well underway and spring just around the corner, many people are still working hard on their New Year’s resolutions. While it might have been easy for so many to start working on these resolutions, few are able to stick to them throughout the year. To stay on track, here are five helpful tips to keep in mind.

Set daily goals

Keep your eyes on the prize and focus on what your goals are for each day. By having a clear idea of what you’re working toward and the steps needed to get there, you can track your progress as you strive to achieve your ultimate goal.

Make it fun

A resolution is often a big goal that can take some hard work to reach, so why not make it fun? Attend mixers and other events when looking for a new job, or grab a friend and go exercise together when you are working on your fitness. If you’re looking to make healthier eating decisions, check out the frozen section of your local supermarket, where you’ll find plenty of new options like SeaPak Selections Lemon Pepper Shrimp and Maryland Style Crab Cakes. These tasty seafood products are low calorie and make it easy to pull together a healthy meal in just minutes with little fuss or hassle.

Switch it up

If you’ve been sticking to the same routine since Jan. 1, changing things up is critical to staying motivated. Infuse fresh flavor into mealtime with dishes like SeaPak Selections Sesame Ginger Salmon or enroll in a new fitness class to update your workout regimen. By making changes here and there, it’s less likely you’ll tire of working toward your goals.

Bounce back

No one is perfect, so don’t consider your resolution a loss if you have a bad day once in a while. Use any setbacks as motivation. Then, refocus and determine your next steps to get back on track toward your goals.

Celebrate the victories

Whether you are simply working toward some closer targets or halfway to realizing your main goal, celebrate all the steps in between. Doing so will motivate you to work even harder to accomplish what’s next, and you’ll make each resolution a reality before you know it.