5 spontaneous ways to love boldly for National Romance Month

(BPT) – Has your relationship been feeling lackluster? Saying ‘I love you’ before bed each night and giving a quick kiss on the cheek before rushing off to work each morning are nice gestures, but guys – 61 percent of women wish their partner was more spontaneous, according to a Men’s Health survey. Spontaneity helps to remind her of why she fell in love with you in the first place. It’s time to step up the romance in your relationship.

In honor of National Romance Month in August, and to help keep the spark alive in your relationship all year long, use these tips to be bold and show her you love her in a way that will leave her truly speechless. After all, who doesn’t love romance for no reason?

Romantic weekend getaway. Wouldn’t you love to whisk your girl away on a weekend trip for just the two of you? It doesn’t matter if it’s an action packed trip full of hiking and sightseeing or a calming getaway at the spa, she’ll love having you all to herself. Surprise her with the news a few days in advance so she can be sure her schedule is clear and pack accordingly.

Dare to delight her with romantic red roses. You give her flowers on her birthday and Valentine’s Day, but there are 363 more days in the year to celebrate how much you love her, and National Romance Month is the perfect time to surprise your sweetheart when she least expects it. Bringing home a brilliant bouquet of beautiful, fresh red roses from ProFlowers – just because you love her – will put a smile on her face. Better yet, send them to her office so they’ll be waiting for her on her desk. She’ll be thinking of you all day long.

Surprise tickets to her favorite show. Is there a play or a musical she’s been dying to see? Or maybe you’ve caught word that her favorite band is about to go on tour. Snatch up a pair of tickets and prepare for a night on the town, just the two of you. Make the night all about her by starting with dinner at her favorite restaurant and ending with a snuggling session on the couch while watching her favorite movie.

Hire a personal chef for the night. Going out for a fancy meal is a wonderful treat, but staying in for one is even better. Hire a personal chef to cook a romantic gourmet meal and serve it in the comfort of your own home. She’ll love how much thought you put into making it such a special night.

Plan an adventurous date. A thrill-seeking date is the perfect way to have fun with your partner. Whether you’re skydiving, going for a hot air balloon ride or hiking in the mountains, these types of dates release adrenaline and fill the brain with feel-good hormones, the same ones that your brain releases when you fall in love. You’ll create incredible memories and forge an unbreakable bond. Before you start planning, ensure she’ll be okay with whichever adventure you choose. Drop slight hints to get a feel for her adventurous side without ruining the surprise.

Keep the spark alive in your relationship when you use one or all of these ideas to make National Romance Month an especially romantic one for your love. For more ways to make her swoon, visit proflowers.com/loveboldly.

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