5 tips for women to conquer summer discomforts

(BPT) – The summer season means balmy weather, fun outdoor activities, frequent travel and the opportunity to take a dip in your newest swimsuit. However, whether hiking or soaking up the sun, sweat and moisture can quickly become an enemy of summer activities, ruining fun and relaxation time. With these tips, your skin will be able to conquer sticky situations that may come along as summer heats up.

Take a warm shower

Despite popular belief, taking a cold shower before getting ready for the hot day ahead is counterproductive. Your body reacts to a cold shower by increasing your internal temperature, which will lead to sweating. Instead, take a warm shower for long-term comfort.

Keep clothing natural

Similar to how darker colored clothing attracts the sun and can affect your temperature, the type of fabric you wear can help regulate your temperature. Stick to natural fabrics, like cotton, as they are much more breathable than a synthetic material, like polyester or rayon.

Stay safe from chafe

Painful skin irritation can wreak havoc resulting from many summer activities, like dancing the night away at a wedding, running a marathon, building a sand castle on the beach or walking for hours throughout an amusement park. To prevent and relieve chafing in delicate areas of the body, including under arms, breasts, inner thighs and bikini areas, try Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel.

Lather up

UV rays can be harmful to skin and in the summer exposure levels are higher. Applying sunscreen 20 minutes before you head into the sun and reapplying throughout the day, especially after time spent in the water or sweating, is crucial to keep skin safe.

Ditch the itch

Your skin reacts to heat and sweat when your body temperature increases and hot, humid air can bring on itchy skin too. Applying a cold, wet cloth or ice pack can provide relief when sensations of itch happen. For intense itch and irritation of the feminine area from either tight clothing or use of products that aren’t gynecologist and dermatologist-tested, products like Monistat Instant Itch Relief Spray can cool and soothe.

When everything from sweat to irritation gets in the way of making the most of the season of sun, keeping these tips in mind can help keep the good times rolling.