5 tips to embrace messes

(BPT) – Warmer months bring days spent outdoors, sweet treats and backyard barbecues. Spending time with loved ones outside can also mean many messes, big and small. With kids out of school, outdoor entertaining and keeping the house clean become serious challenges — even for the most organized families. Here are five easy hacks to keep your house (and kids) clean while embracing the mess.

DIY ice pop drip catcher

Kids love an ice pop after playing outside, but the melty drips can be a nightmare. To help catch drips and save clothes, simply insert the ice pop stick into the bottom of a paper cup or cupcake wrapper. Pull the ice pop all the way down and the catcher instantly serves as protection, saving clothes and hands from getting sticky!

Kiss stains goodbye, naturally

Summer fun usually brings stubborn grass stains to clothes. Easily remove pesky stains with pure white vinegar. Simply soak the stained area of clothing with vinegar, wash as usual, and voila — clean clothes without the use of harsh chemicals.

Keep sand in the sandbox

It’s easy to forget to kick off your shoes after a long day playing outside. And even if you do, it seems as though sand, dirt, and other messes somehow manage to find their way into the home. To help keep dirt and sand outside where they belong, create a decorated shoe basket to leave at the front door. Your floor will thank you.

Combating faucet stains is a piece of cake

As you transition inside after a long day, first things first — wash your hands! Installing a faucet that resists fingerprints and other stains is a no-brainer. A faucet with SpotShield Technology such as the Delta Merge lavatory faucet helps resist unsightly water spots and stains while staying clean for longer periods of time. Available online and in stores such as The Home Depot, this faucet translates to less clean-up and more time spent at the summer barbecue.

Easy craft clean up

Not all fun is had outdoors. When kids are inside creating crafty masterpieces, keep the glue and glitter in one place by laying out an old sheet or piece of canvas on the floor or table. When the crafting is complete, simply toss it into the wash or garbage for quick and easy clean up.

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