5 ways to improve your workday every day

(BPT) – Workdays — over the course of your career there’s a lot of them. Too many in fact to just keep soldiering through when something isn’t working. The good news, however, is improving your workday doesn’t require a dramatic change. In fact, there are plenty of simple things you can do to improve your workday immediately.

To add a little extra bounce to your workday routine, employ these five tips and the daily grind will start to feel a lot more like the daily glide.

1. Step lively, literally.

Today’s office jobs are all sitting and tether you to your desk. Don’t be afraid to take a break by getting up once in a while. Walk to the breakroom, the drinking fountain or simply around the office. Even the shortest stroll can reinvigorate your mind. Finally, if you have a question for a co-worker, don’t send another email, ask your question the old-fashion, verbal way instead. You’ll both appreciate the screen break time.

2. Don’t deny the things you need.

Whether you’re a coffee in the morning type of person or you love your snack drawer when 3 p.m. strikes, it’s OK to indulge in these guilty pleasures every once in a while. You may find that cup of coffee or snack was just what you needed for a quick break.

3. Actually take a lunch break.

Remember lunch breaks? Try not to eat lunch at your desk .Staying at your desk may make you less productive as the day goes on. Instead, go out to lunch or pack your own and eat it outside. You’ll find that getting up from your desk for a while is enough to clear your brain and when you return you’ll hit your projects refreshed in the afternoon.

4. Keep your desk neat and tidy.

When discarded paper, food crumbs and coffee stains pile up, take the time to clean your desk. Not only will your coworkers be elated but it will also uplift your mood. File away those papers and use disinfecting wipes to tackle any lingering food spills. You should also keep a box of facial tissues nearby for that oncoming sneeze that you were not prepared for.

5. Know when it’s time to move on from a project.

Everyone’s had those moments when the answer simply won’t come to them. When you find yourself in such a rut, don’t be afraid to take a break from the project for a little while. Work on something else, catch up on email or do something else for five minutes. By taking a quick break, you’ll see the project in a new light and the answer will come to you more quickly.

If your workdays feel like they are all toil, don’t assume it’s just part of the course. Employ these tips to improve your workday and be more productive. And to find all of the items you’ll need to support your workday makeover, visit Staples.com and see how the right “People Products” can empower your day.

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