5 ways to increase your productivity and turn ‘due’ to ‘done’

(BPT) – Take a look at your to-do list and ask yourself how many things on the list can be finished when you get around to them. Now how many things on that list need to be done as soon as possible or should have been finished yesterday? Chances are the second list is longer.

These days you’re constantly being asked to do more with less — less money, fewer resources, and of course, less time. Whether your goal is to succeed in your schedule or merely survive, you can’t do either unless you can increase your efficiency and your productivity.

To help you in either regard, here are five ways you can become more efficient and productive. By following these tips, you’ll be able to look at your list in a whole new light and transform those past due items into done.

* Start with the most important task first. Look at your to-do list every morning and ask yourself, “What’s the most important item on my list?” Once you have that answer, start with that task. Your most important task is often the hardest – that’s just how life works – and finishing it will lift your spirits and make you more productive.

* Make the most of tech on the go. The latest technology makes it easier than ever to organize your tasks on the run. Windows 10 from Microsoft is designed to be compatible with the hardware, software and tech you already own, and updates easily so you never miss a beat. You can also manage multiple passwords across devices with Windows Hello making signing in easy, with just a look or a touch. Add it to a two-in-one with tons of storage like the Toshiba Satellite Fusion or use it while you make the most of the HP Spectre 13 x360’s amazing battery life and you’ll have the gear to accomplish the tasks at hand anywhere you want.

* Embrace single-tasking. When you think of improving your productivity, you assume it has to involve multi-tasking, but in fact the opposite is true. Embracing a single-tasking philosophy enables you to put all of your attention into one task at a time. That means you’ll finish the project more quickly, and ultimately do a better job than if you only gave it part of your attention.

* Make the most of tech when working from home. Many of your most demanding to-do items come from the office, so it’s good to know there are technology options available to increase your productivity from anywhere. The super-slim Lenovo Yoga 900 is perfect for working on the go, and the business-ready Dell XPS 13 can ensure your home office stays as secure as your conventional one. Finally, the ASUS Transformer Book T100HA comes with Microsoft Office Mobile preloaded so you can enjoy your favorite features wherever you need them.

* Cut the cord. This one will be painful at first, but you’ll be amazed by the results. If your work keeps you at a computer most of the day, don’t be afraid to disconnect from the Internet so you can focus on your work and not get stuck browsing your favorite time-wasting websites. If you have to stay online for your job, research software options that allow you to block certain websites from opening on your work computer.

Whether it’s at work or at play, the demands of your to-do list can be daunting. Because you can’t count on more time suddenly appearing, you have to find other ways to finish your tasks in the time allotted. Apply the tips listed above and that to-do list won’t seem so daunting and you may even rediscover a little free time for yourself.

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