5 ways to turn your deck from drab to fab

(BPT) – Is your deck living up to its full potential? After a few years of wind, rain and general use, a deck might begin to lose its beauty, making it tough to relax on deck or entertain your friends and loved ones. Although it may seem like an overwhelming project to take on, restoring your deck to its former glory is probably much easier than you think. If you’re ready to enjoy your deck again, here are five ways you can turn it from drab to fab.

1. Clean before you dream.

Many decks can be restored to fab with a simple, routine cleaning. However, if you have a wood deck that’s been around for years, your boards are likely showing their age and it might be time for a total surface update. With many different materials to choose from, high-quality products that last – like ChoiceDek composite decking – can be a great alternative to wood. Many of these composite decking options can be easily cleaned with just soap, hot water and a soft bristle brush and have no need for annual painting, staining or sealing.

2. Make room for more.

Increasing the size of your deck can enhance its function and style. Extending the surface area into multiple levels creates unique vantage points into the rest of the yard and differentiates your space from the rest. If your deck feels too traditional, try adding some curves to its edges to personalize the space and fit your needs. Composite deck boards are easier to curve than wood boards, making them a great choice for that “outside of the lines” look you might be going for.

3. Beautify borders.

If you have recently finished a deck addition or are able to buy decking boards to match your current deck, you can add built-in seating and privacy structures to define the boards of your outdoor space and bring your personality into the design. Adding various plants to provide colors along the border of the deck can also bring an inviting feel to the space. While these changes might seem simple, they can make a big difference in the atmosphere of your deck space, turning it into a place of relaxation and privacy.

4. Lounge in style.

Sometimes the best way to bring life and character to your outdoor living space is to make it an extension of the interior of your home. Adding mood lighting or custom fabrics and patterns that match your interior design can easily transform your deck into an inviting space for guests to enjoy. Good lighting elements expand the use of your space by allowing the fun to last well into the evening hours, and outdoor furniture will keep you and your guests comfortable while you relax in style.

5. Brighten up the outdoors.

The design of an outdoor living space does not have to sacrifice style for function. When decorating the interior of a home, you look for warm and inviting features to bring life to a room, and the same care should be taken for the exterior. Let your creativity guide you by adding warm colored fabrics, accent pillows, comfy cushions and similar enhancements to your space. Outdoor furniture and décor can be used to turn your simple deck into a gorgeous outdoor room.

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