6 signs your smartphone is your BFF

(BPT) – Pop quiz: right now, where’s your smartphone? If you’re like most Americans, you know immediately where it is, which is probably within your reach. Maybe you just grabbed it and pulled it a little closer.

Across the country, the one thing we all have in common is the love for our phones. In fact, 36 percent of adults say they are “constantly” checking their phone throughout the day, according to the Bank of America Trends in Consumer Mobility Report. Fifty-seven percent check their device at least once an hour.

How close are you to your phone? If you’re interested in finding out, here are six ways to tell if the two of you are BFFs. You can even read the list…on your phone.

1. Goodnight phone.

We know your phone’s within reach right now, but is it always with you? We mean always with you, day and night. Twenty-three percent of adults say they have even fallen asleep with their mobile phone in their hand. If you’re one of them, sweet dreams.

2. Your phone has a place in the pyramid.

Food. Water. Shelter. Smartphone? That certainly seems to sum up today’s needs-pyramid. Forty-four percent of adults report they couldn’t last a single day without their smartphone. Looks like the pyramid has a new block!

3. It’s your financial manager.

Nearly half (48 percent) of consumers say they use a mobile banking app and 62 percent of those check it multiple times a week. Eighty-one percent say the mobile banking alerts they receive help them to stay on top of their money. So how are your finances doing? Your phone has the answers.

4. It gives you the inside scoop.

Remember when you had to wait for the evening news to find out everything that happened during the day? Today, your phone gives you everything you need instantaneously. Seventy-four percent of people use a weather app on their phone and more than half (54 percent) take advantage of news applications. And of course we all know social media’s the best place to discover breaking news — 65 percent of consumers also use their phone for social networking apps.

5. Your phone has become your preferred method of banking.

When you say you have to stop at the bank, do you pull out your phone? Fifty-one percent of adults say they bank primarily via mobile or online, and 63 percent of those using mobile banking report they have used mobile check deposit. Meanwhile, more than half (56 percent) of consumers say they would consider paying someone — like family, friends or household helpers — using person-to-person payments via their mobile banking app. Speed and efficiency, mobile banking just makes sense — and saves time and dollars as well.

6. You’ll leave no phone behind.

It has the makings of a great romance: “No matter what happens, I will find you!” — except we’re talking about our phones. The majority of consumers (82 percent) say they would always go back or consider going back for their smartphone if they left it at home. Of those respondents, nearly one-third (31 percent) would go back no matter what. Here’s to fairy tale endings.

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