7 mind-blowing ways smart hearing aids can change your life

(BPT) – Smart devices are everywhere today. From phones and watches to appliances and even toothbrushes, smart devices are easy and intuitive to use, anticipate your needs and desires, are interactive, and seamlessly connect with your other high-tech devices.

Even hearing aids are getting a high-tech upgrade, with brands like Siemens now making smart hearing aids. But how do you know if a smart hearing aid is for you? Check out the top seven features of smart hearing aids and see how they can redefine quality of life for you and your loved ones:

1. They mimic the way your brain hears  

Did you know you hear with your brain, not your ears? When fit as a pair, smart hearing aids share and exchange information in real time, imitating how the brain naturally hears. This type of technology is called binaural (two-ear) hearing.

2. They outperform normal hearing

Ever had trouble hearing in a busy restaurant? Smart hearing aids automatically tune in to speech you want to hear while suppressing unwanted background noise. This has been proven to provide better hearing in these situations than people with perfectly normal hearing.

3. They outsmart wind

If you’ve ever been on the phone when the wind is blowing, you know what it’s like to have wind wreak havoc on your conversation. With traditional hearing aids, the same thing happens when wind hits the tiny microphones. Smart hearing aids outsmart wind by taking the audio signal from the hearing aid with less wind and instantly transferring it to the side with more wind.

4. They anticipate and adapt automatically

Smart hearing aids constantly scan the environment to determine the optimal listening mode for your current situation. For example, at a noisy family gathering, the hearing aids can automatically focus on Aunt Sally talking in front of you. They even know when you’re driving a car from the sound of the engine. The microphones automatically adjust to the side or back seat so you can hear passengers clearly without turning your head.

5. They continuously learn

Manual volume or treble adjustments are sometimes needed when you first wear hearing aids but nobody wants to be constantly fiddling with these controls. Smart hearing aids remember and learn from every volume adjustment you make, so in just a few weeks they will have learned your personal listening preferences.

6. They put you in control

Automatic adjustments are very convenient, but in some situations it’s good to know you can still take manual control when wanted. Smart hearing aids make these manual adjustments easy and discreet by integrating with your smartphone. Free smartphone apps allow you to discreetly control the volume, program and treble of your hearing aids. Another app lets you choose the direction you want to listen just by tapping your phone.

7. They connect to other devices

Smart hearing aids use Bluetooth technology to transform your hearing aids into wireless stereo earbuds. They give you the freedom to interact with all of your devices, so you can stream a phone call, listen to iTunes or Pandora radio, or stream Netflix from your TV or tablet.

Remember, all hearing aids should help you hear better but the most intelligent hearing aids take advantage of the latest technology to address all of your listening needs. Talk with your hearing care professional to find out if smart hearing aids are the right solution for you.


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