A+ college moving tips

(BPT) – Across the country thousands of students are packing up their childhood rooms and heading off to a new adventure at college. The transition is equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking. The move itself, however, shouldn’t cause unneeded stress.

While college students usually don’t have a lot of belongings that need to be moved, the process can be exhausting and overwhelming, especially if they’re moving across the country. Rather than relying on guesswork, take some tips from the moving experts at Penske Truck Rental:

1. Condense and store.
College apartments are small and dorm rooms are even smaller. Leave nonessentials at home and pack only what you’ll use on a regular basis. Photo albums, fine jewelry and fragile knickknacks will be safer there anyway. As for what you’ll need, colleges typically provide a checklist of essential items that can be used as a guide.

2. Be prepared.
Start packing early and create a running list of items you need to bring but are unable to pack until it’s time to leave. Get sturdy boxes in a variety of sizes plus bubble wrap to protect your fragile items. You’ll also need packing tape and bold markers for labeling and securing boxes. Moving blankets and hand trucks will make the process easier.

3. Mark and group.
Label the outside of boxes as you pack and add a generalized list of what’s inside for easy reference upon arrival. Remember to label the box with both your name and a symbol that will help you recognize what’s yours. When thousands of students are moving at once, this simple trick can cut confusion quickly.

4. Plan ahead.
When renting a moving truck, reserve it at least two weeks in advance. Because summer and fall are popular times for moves, delaying could leave you without available transportation. Most college students find the 12- or 16-foot truck perfect for moving a few large items or the contents of a small apartment. For guidance with truck selection, visit www.PenskeTruckRental.com.

5. Drive safe.
When driving, remember that trucks are taller, wider and require more stopping distance than a standard vehicle. Use caution particularly when the truck is packed full. Watch out for low-hanging tree branches and building overhangs, and use extra caution when turning.

6. Stay secure.
To protect your belongings, park in well-lit areas and padlock the rear door, especially if stopping for the night. If possible, back the truck up tight against a building wall to prevent access to the storage area. Unfortunately, thieves take advantage of students on the hectic moving days leading up to the start of the academic year.

7. Keep a document bag.
Keep important documents like registration information and dorm confirmations in a bag in the car with you for easy access. This should also include credit cards, your driver’s license and any other essentials. For more college moving tips, visit www.PenskeTruckRental.com.

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