Adding or replacing deck railings a great do-it-yourself project

A good deck system can offer many benefits to a homeowner. Decks provide a place for fall cookouts, neighborhood parties, family get-togethers and countless other outdoor activities. A deck will not only provide years of wonderful outdoor living, it also adds intrinsic value to a home.

Adding a good railing system to a deck can add a variety of positive aspects for homeowners. The style, color and placement of a railing system can make an outdoor living space look sophisticated and stylish.

Whether a railing is designed for personal pleasure, to meet a building code before selling or renting, to increase the value of a home, or an old outdated railing needs to be replaced, the do-it-yourself method can be the best route for your stress level and your wallet.

The first thing to consider before you purchase materials for a do-it-yourself railing project is the style and color. If the idea of staining and painting a railing is not appealing, a wooden railing may not be the best option. You may want to consider a composite railing.

Composite railings are gaining popularity for all different styles of homes. When installed according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions, composite railing offers similar support and safety to a wooden railing and is low maintenance because of the exterior of the product. Like a wooden railing, the colors of a composite railing can be chosen to complement, balance or offset the deck and the styles can provide a rustic look or add polish for the outdoor living space.

Some composite railings systems are designed for do-it-yourself projects, and many railings are offered in a variety of colors so that color coordinating with a home’s exterior is easy. Certain lengths of composite railings also offer support and strength without the requirement of metal reinforcements which makes them easier and less of a hassle to install.

To ensure that the aesthetic beauty of a deck will be enhanced by a railing system, consider using a brand that comes complete with options like hidden fasteners, a variety of railing lengths, fixed-angle bracket adapters and stair kits. Using a brand with a variety of different options will help ensure that your deck is unified and appealing to the eye.

The post mount is also a consideration when deciding on a brand of railing. Different brands will offer different post mounts. Some will offer products that contain post mounts that work with a variety of different surfaces, such as wood or concrete.

TAMKO Building Products, Inc. offers the TAM-RAIL Railing System which is designed to make installation fast and easy which makes it ideal for a do-it-yourself project. It is a patented triple-layer railing system that offers incredible performance and protection that is conveniently packaged in kits for easy merchandising, selection and assembly. The system features thick walls and a foamed composite core for added strength, all in a product that is light in weight and low-maintenance. The 25-year limited warranty includes a five-year full start period and TAM-RAIL composite railing materials are building code approved when installed correctly and according to TAMKO’s installation instruction.

With different color options such as white, grey or taupe, TAM-RAIL is an attractive option of composite railing that has recently been formulated for even greater strength and durability. Colonial and square balusters make these railings distinguishable from other composite railings and post caps are available in New England Post Cap or Pyramid Cap styles. These systems also offer the option of hidden fasteners, a wide variety of railing lengths, fixed-angle bracket adapters, and stair kits.

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