Advanced degrees can help you climb the business career ladder

It takes a lot of effort to promote yourself in the business world, and pursuing an advanced degree is a great step toward working your way up the career ladder.

Finding the best degree to help you with that career advancement can be a bit of a challenge. But if you’re interested in earning a higher degree in project management, make certain that the master’s degree you pursue also prepares you for the Project Management Professional examination, which puts you much further ahead of your peers. PMP certification – which is the global standard – can give you a financial and technical edge over your peers. If you plan to work as a consultant, having the certification will help boost your level of expertise.

A master’s degree in project management provides you with the best practices of project knowledge, as well as leadership concepts and skills. Earning a degree from an accredited program like Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota online program – one of only 32 schools worldwide to have Project Management Institute accreditation – can help you to become a project manager who has success in meeting workplace deadlines, which is a bonus for promoting yourself in the workplace.

Businesses need project managers to help integrate new technology in the workplace, handle scheduling, budgeting and communications for development projects, oversee the installation of new equipment in offices across the country or even organize a survey and compile results to help promote the business. These are just a few examples of how project managers help businesses grow and succeed in the business world.

Project managers have to multitask through all steps of a project. If you’re interested in pursuing a master’s degree in this field, you’ll be learning how to plan and manage complex projects using different tools and techniques, managing and incorporating change throughout the lifecycle of a project and working with and effectively leading diverse groups and populations. Industries that use project managers include retail, construction, health care, finance and technology.

Furthering your career in the project manager field is a smart move. A project manager is a highly sought-after employee in the business world, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And the global medium salary for project management practitioners is $ 90,260, with an additional average of $ 10,000 added for those who have earned the project manager professional credential, according to the Project Management Institute.

Consider pursuing an advanced degree to further yourself in the business world. Make the most of your advanced degree by earning 1,500 of the 4,500 project management hours needed to sit for the Project Manager Professional Exam while attending school through Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. It’s a great step upward on the business career ladder. Visit for more information.