Avoid these fuel issues so your mower doesn’t run out of gas

(BPT) – No matter how much you love mowing your lawn, there’s always something special about that first cut in the spring. It’s that initial opportunity to bring your lawn back to life after winter’s frigid temperatures finally give way to warmth. And operating a lawnmower instead of a snow blower can be deeply satisfying. But what if you’re out in your yard, ready to cut the grass and your mower won’t start?

Before you get worried and start to consider serious problems with your mower, take a deep breath. The solution could be far simpler. Instead of a problem with your mower, it could be a problem with your fuel. To prevent fuel issues from ruining your first cut of the season, keep these tips from Toro in mind.

Keep ethanol use to a minimum

Ethanol is gaining popularity at the pump and many new vehicles are adaptable to this fuel change. Most engines produced to date for use in outdoor power equipment are not designed for gasoline with more than 10 percent ethanol (such as E15, E20 and E85); using higher ethanol fuel blends may lead to engine damage and/or performance issues. Before you insert a fuel into your engine read the engine operator’s manual and equipment operator’s manual for information on what fuel can, and cannot, be used in your machine and to understand applicable warranty coverage and exclusions.

When obtaining fuel for your mower, look for ethanol-free options that are at least 87 octane. If you must use an ethanol fuel, look for options where the ethanol content level is less than 10 percent and at least 87 octane. For additional information about fuel options visit LookBeforeYouPump.com.

Keep your fuel fresh

Fuel that has been sitting inside your mower’s fuel tank since last season should be emptied and replaced unless you have treated it with a fuel treatment. While it’s best to purchase only a one month supply of fuel, Toro’s Premium Fuel Treatment can keep fuel fresh for up to 12 months when you add one ounce for every two gallons of fuel. It also protects your fuel from corrosion and cleans the intake valves and carburetor varnish.

Know where to look for help

If you have any questions regarding the right fuel to use in your mower, the owner’s manual is an invaluable resource. Consult it and you’ll learn more about the mower, its motor and any applicable warranties. Owner’s manuals can be accessed at Toro.com. You can also find out more information about your mower by visiting the company’s website.

A mower that doesn’t start can be a discouraging beginning to mowing season, but it isn’t always a sign of larger problems. Sometimes the most obvious solution is also the simplest. The problem with your mower may not be the machine itself but the fuel inside. For more helpful fuel tips to keep your machine running efficiently all season long, visit Toro.com/fuelfacts.

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