Better savings in 2020: How DIY tax filers can save money

(BPT) – As the holiday season comes to an end, another important season begins for most Americans — tax season. It’s time to take a break from holiday overspending and start improving your money-saving skills. The good news is, filing your own taxes can be an easy first step in that direction.

According to a survey of do-it-yourself tax filers commissioned by H&R Block, nearly a third (30%) say they don’t do enough to save money, and 88% say they’re likely to work harder in the future to find discounts and better prices. DIY tax filers now have opportunities to become better savers in the new year using H&R Block’s online tax prep products.

Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital at H&R Block, Heather Watts, offers several benefits of filing taxes through H&R Block Online. Watts is responsible for the development, design, marketing and end-to-end client experience for H&R Block’s online, software and mobile tax products and solutions.

“Identifying if you can file for free using H&R Block Free Online is a great way to kick off financial savings in 2020. More people can file for free with H&R Block Free Online, including students and parents, than with TurboTax[1],” says Watts. Additionally, for those filers who anticipate having to pay for tax prep due to a more complicated tax situation, it’s still possible to save money. Watts adds, “More complex filers can save at least $10 versus TurboTax.”

In the same survey of DIY tax filers, more than half (57%) believe there should be pricing transparency in tax preparation. H&R Block is dedicated to transparency in both pricing and process for every unique tax situation.

From the price of tax preparation to the amount of their tax refund, clients will know exactly what to expect. All pricing is quoted up-front, and if that changes along the way, filers will be notified with H&R Block’s Price Preview feature. “If you start with a free return, you should either end with a free return or be alerted as the price changes along the way for any reason,” says Watts.

H&R Block clients are also in control of how much or how little help they receive. Whether clients are confident in their online tax filing abilities or occasionally need assistance, H&R Block offers myriad online products tailored to each client’s unique tax situation. Recent findings from the H&R Block survey found almost half (49%) of those who file their taxes themselves admit to feeling guilty if they ask someone for assistance. H&R Block wants clients to feel completely comfortable reaching out for help at any time. Through the Online Assist feature, clients have access to on-demand chat sessions, screen share and phone calls with a highly trained tax expert, IRS enrolled agent or CPA.

Support does not stop once tax season ends — there are several added benefits that DIY clients can take advantage of when filing taxes with H&R Block. “We also provide a free midyear tax check-in that includes reminders, tools and an optional free in-office consultation to keep you on track and help avoid unwelcome tax surprises next year,” says Watts. Furthermore, in the case of any IRS audit, clients aren’t on their own. H&R Block offers free audit assistance explaining the IRS’s position and helping clients understand how to respond.

Begin saving money this tax season with H&R Block. Last year, more than 1.4 million people made the switch to H&R Block. Making the switch to H&R Block Online can happen in as little as two clicks. Simply visit to learn more and discover the online tax products available in 2020.

[1] TurboTax is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc.