Cut pet care costs with DIY dog grooming

In today’s economy, people are looking for ways to cut spending wherever possible. And while we all love our furry and four-legged friends, the cost of pet care can range anywhere from $ 700 to $ 3,000 per year.

Lucky for dog owners, there are plenty of opportunities to shave costs. A good place to start is to get grooming – at home, that is. Here are three tips to keep your canine looking good from head to tail without spending an arm and a leg:

1. Clip with confidence.

Investing in a good set of pet clippers can reduce visits to the groomer, or eliminate them altogether. When shopping, choose clippers that are specific to your pet breed. Most are designed for particular coats and lengths. Also, make sure it has self-sharpening blades made of high-carbon steel to eliminate snags while cutting. Consider going cordless to avoid getting tangled up in the process. If this is the first time for you or your dog, a great resource for tips and demo videos is Grooming Made Easy.

2. Bathe with care.

Most vets recommend bathing your dog anywhere from once a week to once a month, depending on the breed and level of outdoor activity. If you do the math, that’s the potential for saving money 12 or more times per year.

While the steps to bathing are pretty easy to remember – soak, suds, rinse – knowing how often and what to use is essential. Choose a shampoo made specifically for dogs.

People shampoo can cause dry, itchy skin and strip the hair of natural oils. And avoid shampoos that contain harsh chemicals. New all-natural options such as Wahl All-Natural Shampoos are formulated from 100-percent plant-derived oils.

3. Brush, brush, brush.

No at-home grooming experience would be complete without a proper brushing. It not only feels great for your dog, but also keeps his coat free of painful tangles and mats and removes loose hair and trapped debris. However, not all brushes work the same, or accomplish the same thing. Before simply grabbing the first thing off the shelf, consider the breed.

Slicker brushes remove dead skin for healthy circulation and shine. If you are looking to remove light tangles and oils, a pin/bristle combo brush is recommended. For a truly healthy coat, consider a shedding blade. It not only helps to keep your dog looking good, but eliminates the excess fur that sticks to your carpet, furniture and clothing.

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