Digital cameras: creating masterpieces with each click

With warm weather luring us outside for fun outdoor activities, using a digital camera ensures timeless memories with family and friends are captured in a snap. Even with increased smartphone usage, – a recent Consumer Electronics Association report stated that 43 percent of consumers have used a smartphone in the past year to capture images – digital cameras remain the most common devices for capturing photos, with 73 percent having used a digital camera over the same time period.

There are many reasons why a dedicated digital camera captures the best photos:

* More features – Digital camera features vary and can enhance your pictures to truly capture the moment. Features range from basic blink and smile detection; to more sophisticated, such as optical image stabilization, which adjusts unintentional camera movements for clear, crisp pictures; and pancapture, for creating a seamless panoramic picture. Increased resolution, higher zoom levels and wide angle lenses are all more advanced features not available in smartphones.

* Never miss a shot – Digital cameras offer shutterbugs increased shutter speed, continuous high-speed shooting capabilities, object tracking, improved high dynamic range and more. The sophisticated performance and faster speed of ultra-compact cameras such as the GE E1410SW help capture action shots like an amazing baseball catch or the graduate tossing her cap with brilliant clarity.

* Versatility – There are numerous options for compact, slim, highly affordable digital cameras that won’t weigh you down while on the move. You can leave your bulky camera bag at home and simply toss your compact camera in a pocket, purse or backpack. There are plenty of types of digital cameras to choose from, ranging from simple point-and-shoots to higher end DSLRs. Another relatively new and intriguing option are bridge cameras, which are easy to use for budding photographers seeking higher power and a more professional look and feel, but still at a reasonable price and no where near the cost on an entry level DSLR. For an added bonus, there are a number of shockproof cameras that can survive underwater escapades – places your smartphone can’t go.

* More value – With a plethora of budget digital cameras available today, you don’t have to break the bank to take sharper photos. GE Digital Cameras offer high quality, easy to use digital cameras at a great value. For example, the GE X400 digital bridge camera is packed with features that deliver powerful performance for an unbeatable, everyday low price.

Once equipped with a digital camera, the following tips can get you shooting like a pro in no time:

* Use color all around you: Vibrant colors make for beautiful photographs, which can help you create spectacular albums and scrapbooks. It can be yellow tulips on a grassy field or a carousel horse against a sea of lights. Incorporate color wherever you can find it.

* Don’t forget people in your scenic shot: Consider putting a friend or family member in the foreground for a sense of perspective. You will not only capture the scene, but give your photo your own stamp of personality.

* Be aware of the background: Note any distracting elements in your shot. For instance, you don’t want a tree growing out of the top of someone’s head. Unless, you want to do that on purpose so everyone gets a good laugh later.

Today, photography is quickly gaining popularity as an art form, with cameras serving as tool for telling stories and expressing one’s self. While smartphones offer a convenient option to no photo or video at all, digital cameras still provide more dedicated features and superior technology to help you capture those special occasions and precious moments that will last a lifetime.