Don’t Be Sidelined by an Injury – New Treatment Could Help You Get Back to Go

(BPT) – Weekend warriors are enjoying golf, tennis and jogging in record numbers. While many will continue to enjoy these leisure activities pain-free well into their senior years, increasing numbers face the prospect of surgery for bone, joint and muscle injuries. In fact, more than 50 million adults over 18 have doctor-diagnosed arthritis, and one in two adults are affected by conditions and injuries affecting bones, joint and muscles.

“Active adults are experiencing sports-related injuries to tendons and joints at an increasing rate,” says Alfred Gellhorn, MD, Physiatrist and Sports Medicine Specialist at Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York.

Treatment options include anti-inflammatories, physical therapy and bracing to provide symptomatic relief. If these do not provide a long-lasting solution, surgery is often the next step. Now there is a new, non-surgical, regenerative solution available.

AmnioFix(R), administered by injection, is a placental tissue allograft composed of the amnion and chorion layers of the amniotic sac. AmnioFix is not a stem cell treatment. It contains 285 different growth factors and regulatory proteins, which signal your body’s cells to go to the target site, help the site to heal, and help your own cells restore the damaged tissue. It is a new option to enhance healing, modulate inflammation and reduce scar tissue formation in various injuries and conditions.

“Traditional methods, such as cortisone injections, have been used for many years to treat osteoarthritis and tendon injuries, and can have significant drawbacks including a degenerative effect over time. These traditional approaches have to be balanced with the realization that there is often long term damage to the structures we are trying to treat,” continued Dr. Gellhorn. “AmnioFix, in my experience, has shown promise in the treatment of chronic tendon injuries and osteoarthritis which are very challenging conditions – to find something with such potential has been very exciting for me and my patients, and represents a terrific new option for us.”

People who may be suffering from sports-related injuries or arthritis should consult their sports medicine specialist or orthopedist to determine the best treatment plan. For more information on AmnioFix as a non-surgical, regenerative solution, visit