Feel the difference of a great hair day, every day

(BPT) – Every day women are subjected to a multitude of harsh elements that strip the hair of its natural beauty, leaving it limp and lifeless.

Dove Hair gives women a great hair day by unlocking a few useful secrets women need to know in order to beat bad hair days. Celebrity hair stylist, Mark Townsend, offers these three easy tips for women to feel the difference of beautiful-looking hair every day.

Tip No. 1 – The foundation for a great hair day starts in the shower

Nearly half of women have a bad hair day when their hair feels weighed down. “The foundation to any great hair day starts when women choose a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that does not weigh hair down,” says Townsend, whose clients include many of today’s leading Hollywood stars. He recommends the improved Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, a unique formula containing patented technology that does not weigh hair down with excess residue and delivers up to five times smoother hair, in just one wash. More information on these products can be found at www.Dove.com.

Tip No. 2 – Your blow dryer can be your hair’s best friend     

Healthy hair looks shiny because the hair cuticle lays smooth and is able to reflect light. More than 80 percent of women feel more confident on a great hair day compared to a bad one, and one way to keep hair looking beautifully smooth is knowing how to properly use a blow dryer. When blow drying your hair, make sure that you angle the nozzle downward as you dry from the roots to the ends which helps keep cuticles flat and reduces damage. “Pointing the blow dryer directly onto hair with no angle can cause breakage and frizz,” says Townsend. He also warns against applying the hot air from a blow dryer on one area for too long; “it will dry out your hair, making it frizzier.”

Tip No. 3 – An effortlessly beautiful hair style

A smooth ponytail is a chic way to beat the heat outside. It will get your hair up and off your shoulders, which can often cause discomfort in hot temperatures. One of Townsend’s biggest style secrets is perfecting a frizz-free ponytail. First, spray a reusable mascara wand with extra hold hairspray. Then, comb the wand gently over the hairline once the ponytail is set, especially in front of the ears, to smooth the little hairs into the style. “I also like to spray hairspray directly on my hands and run them over the hair that is already pulled back,” says Townsend. “This tip ensures pesky flyaways are smooth, leaving hair looking polished and beautiful.”

Dove Hair understands the desire to have beautifully smooth hair and is helping women give their locks, and themselves, some love with the launch of the Dove Great Hair Affair. Now through September 30, 2013, women can visit Dove.com/GreatHairAffair to show-off their great hair day for a chance to win thousands of prizes.

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