Finding the right vitamins for your body

It’s not always easy to understand if you’re getting all the essential nutrients needed to meet daily requirements such as those recommended by the National Health Institute’s (NIH) Institute of Medicine and Office of Dietary Supplements. Nutritional needs and goals vary based on factors such as sex, activity level, lifestyle and age, making it difficult for an individual to determine what may be best for him/her. With an infinite selection of supplements available, it can also be overwhelming to narrow down the right products to support your overall health. The good news is that there are simple ways to ensure you’re getting enough of the right vitamins for your body – whatever your personal health and fitness goals. 

A customized solution such as GNC’s Vitapak (R) Program is a comprehensive program designed with advanced formulas to help people reach their unique goals. The scientifically backed Vitapak(R) programs feature clinically studied ingredients, at high potencies and are available in one convenient pack with just a few pills. With over 30 customized Vitapak(R) programs to choose from, there is a specialized Vitapak(R) program to fit your desired goals.

“These vitamins and minerals are essential to keep your body healthy and working properly at all life stages,” says Dr. Joseph C. Maroon, an expert in nutrition and sports medicine and chairman of GNC’s Medical Advisory Board. “In addition to restoring your body’s natural balance, the correct combination of nutritional supplements can also help fuel and replenish your body before, during and after exercise.”

Dr. Maroon suggests these additional tips to help you achieve your individual nutritional goals:   

* Eat a well-balanced diet: Try to avoid processed and refined foods and make an effort to consume fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as lean proteins which contain essential oils and iron.

* Since most people don’t eat the daily recommended 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, consider incorporating a customized vitamin/supplement program: Options such as GNC’s Vitapak(R) Programs offer complete customized nutritional solutions. For example, the Mega Men(R) Sport program provides clinically-studied supplements to promote heart health and energy production, boost metabolism and support recovery.

* Ask your health care provider: Discuss how to incorporate the right vitamins and supplements for you, based on lifestyle, health and fitness goals.

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