Finding the support teachers need during the school year

(BPT) – The school year has begun, and while the back-to-school expenses of many parents are done for the summer, students will still have ongoing needs throughout the year. But parents are not the only ones who spend their own hard-earned cash to make the school year a success, and they are not the only ones that can expect the costs to continue throughout the year.

According to Bankrate, the average teacher spends roughly $530 of their own money to pay for supplies, snacks and other items for use by their students during the school year. These supplies often include things like paper, rulers, scissors, notebooks, pencils, glue and poster boards, and while they must be purchased at the beginning of the year, they often must be replaced throughout the year as well. While these expenses can quickly add up, teachers are rarely compensated for these costs, and yet still cover these in order to create the best educational experience for their students all year long.

Saving money on your expenses

For teachers, the example above is probably all too familiar. Additional expenses small or big can take a toll, so minimizing costs here and there is crucial. It all begins with shopping at the right places with the right prices.

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