Get in gear this year with a resolution to ride with

(BPT) – Now that the ball has dropped to usher in 2014, make it your mission to set a resolution to stick with this new year. According to Forbes, more than 40 percent of Americans set a goal for themselves at the start of a fresh year. However, only a mere 8 percent ever actually reach the finish line due to lack of ease and tangibility.

So this year, while the fitness centers become packed with people vowing to get physically fit for 2014, spend some time in the garage easily getting something else into shape – your car.

Good automotive health begins at the heart of the vehicle: the engine. Motor Oil Matters, or MOM, a consumer education and industry watchdog program from the American Petroleum Institute, sets out to inform consumers on the benefits of following your vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations and using quality API-licensed motor oils.

Sticking to your New Year’s resolution doesn’t always have to be difficult. Keep your second largest investment in top shape for 2014 by following these simple and easy vehicle maintenance tips from MOM:

Make the grade
Using the proper viscosity grade of motor oil is imperative to the general health of your engine. An oil that is too thick or too thin for the overall flow can result in minimized engine protection and, ultimately, energy degradation, aging and wear. Check your vehicle manufacturer’s guide for your engine’s viscosity needs.

Make sure the oil’s right
Vehicle manufacturers recommend oils meeting specific performance standards. Many of these standards are set by API. Check the oil change recommendations in your owner’s manual before you take your car or truck for an oil change. It’s the easiest way to make sure your mechanic installs an oil meeting the performance standard recommended for your car or truck.

Get the seal of approval
Your vehicle’s engine deserves only the best to be the best not only at the beginning of 2014, but also all year round. If your owner’s manual recommends an API-licensed oil, and most do, API has made it easy to find brands that meet the recommendation for your car or truck – just browse our directory of API-licensed oils at For more information on the benefits of using high-quality, API-licensed motor oils, visit

Pay attention to other maintenance recommendations
Motor oil isn’t the only item that should be checked and changed regularly. Most vehicle manufacturers provide a list of items that should be checked and changed regularly. Make sure your mechanic pays attention to all of the service recommendations for your car or truck.

This new year, make it your resolution to help your car feel healthy and protected. Let MOM help you achieve your goal and make the right decisions for your vehicle’s engine. For more information on the Motor Oil Matters program, visit

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