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As a small business with lots of great products and services you must find ways to promote these products and services on the Internet. The more content you have online the easier it will be for your customers to find you, provided you take the necessary steps to get exposure for that content.

Follow these steps to implement a successful online marketing strategy.

  1. Get a web site – You must have a web site for your business with a domain name and email address. Our web site solution provides you with as good a website solution as we have seen anywhere.
  2. Add content to your web site, as much as possible – Every product or service you offer, every event or happening you experience, any potential question you can answer, any information you can possibly provide about your business should be added to your site on a regular basis. At least monthly, but preferably weekly or even daily you should be updating your site. You can do all of this with ease using our system.
  3. Get local exposure for your web site – What better way to get exposure for your web site, including each and every piece of content you add to it, than to be fully integrated into your community newspaper web site.  Our platform ensures that all of your content flows seamlessly and is searchable within the site of your community paper.
  4. Get Search Engine Exposure – Optimize your content so search engines will find it, grab it and deliver it to online users searching for products and services. Do not worry! By simply using the Anchor Communications system, all of your content is automatically optimized for search engines and within a short time time picked up by Google, Yahoo and Bing so you can be found. We are so confident in our system, that we guarantee, if you consistently add content to your web site, it will be included in the major search engines and your ranking will improve.

Realizing that anything and everything should be posted online is the first step in attracting new and existing customers to your website.

Here are the questions you should be asking yourself each week when using our system…

  1. What new products do I offer? Did I get a new shipment in this week?
  2. Are there any new services that my customers might be interested in? Have I modified any existing services that I should announce to my customers?
  3. Did anything happen in my industry that I can educate my customers about?
  4. Do I have any new employees or staff members? Do I have any job openings?
  5. Are there any discounts or coupons I can offer my customers this week or throughout the year?
  6. Am I getting specific questions asked of me on a regular basis that I can provide answers to online?
  7. Do I have excess inventory or specific items that I would like to sell quickly to make room for new merchandise?
  8. Is there any thing at all, whether it is a products, service, coupon, event, announcement or any business related information that I can provide on the Internet for my customers?

The key to a successful web presence is content, content, content. As they say “Content Is King” and using our web site system makes it easy for you to get your content online.