Got a great wedding theme? Tips for carrying it throughout your big day

(BPT) – What does the concept of a wedding theme mean to you? Do you think it’s just about the colors you choose for your bouquet and bridesmaid gowns? Or do you think of it as something grander – your personalized stamp that should shine through every aspect of your big day?

“Even the most romantic, unique theme can fail to live up to its potential if you only incorporate it into one or two aspects of your wedding,” says Robin Brockelsby, founder of Creative Coverings, one of the largest nationwide linen rental and sales companies. “Truly successful themes grace everything your guests do, see and touch throughout your wedding and reception.”

As you’re planning your wedding, keep these theme-building tips in mind:

* Choose a theme and colors that you love enough to invest some creativity in. While each season, certain colors emerge as “hot” choices for weddings, avoid picking a color or theme just because it’s trendy. Instead, focus on ideas that truly speak to your personality.

* Picking a wedding color doesn’t mean you have to be limited to just one shade. For example, Brocklesby points out, purple is a trending color for weddings this year, and you can incorporate variances of it throughout your wedding. “Lighter shades like lavender and lilac are more feminine and sensitive, creating a mood of romance,” she says. “They’re a great choice for bridesmaids’ gowns.” Add interest to the color theme by using darker shades like plum or deep purples for table linens and even lighting elements. “Using these darker shades can create an impression of magic, fantasy or extravagance,” Brocklesby says.

* If you do choose a trending color, consider renting accessories such as linens, chair covers and decorations. Rental stores keep track of what’s trendy, too, and are more likely to have items in the season’s hottest colors. Often, it’s easier to rent what you need than to hunt through multiple stores trying to purchase items. Visit to find a rental store that carries everything you need to create a themed wedding.

* When choosing a theme, be sure to consider if it really works with that gown you fell in love with and simply must have. For example, a vintage theme cries out for a vintage gown and a dress that is too contemporary will clash with the theme. Tuxedoes for groomsmen and stiletto heels for bridesmaids aren’t likely to work well with a beach theme.

* Set the stage for your wedding with themed invitations. Online resources make it easy to find and customize wedding invitations to fit virtually any theme, from rustic to floral, country to contemporary. Themed invitations are also a great way to clue guests in to what they can expect on your special day.

* Choose linens, tableware and furniture that complement your theme. If the venue you’ve booked doesn’t have items that are just right, look into renting them. Renting wedding items provide brides access to a wider range of items that can fulfill virtually any theme, giving you greater flexibility and choice. Plus, renting can save you money.

* Use creative favors to underscore your theme. For example, luggage tags in the shape of flip flops make adorable wedding favors. Or, for your outdoor wedding with a picnic theme, miniature picnic baskets filled with gourmet chocolates will remind guests of your theme long after the reception ends.

* Remember to make music match your theme. Classical music will complement a sophisticated, elegant wedding as you walk down the aisle, but you might want to leave the hip-hop for the reception. For a holiday wedding, traditional holiday music creates a timely and festive atmosphere that celebrates the season and your nuptials at the same time.

* Food and how you present it can also play into your theme. Want a circus-themed wedding? Rent a popcorn maker or cotton-candy machine and serve to guests in wax paper bags during the reception. Going for a more elegant, traditional theme? Silver chafing dishes are classic musts. Find a rental store that specializes in renting catering items at

Whatever theme you choose, all elements of your wedding should harmoniously work together to proclaim your theme. A great theme can turn any wedding into a memorable experience that guests will talk about for years to come.

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