Green start-ups challenged to develop green business plans for chance to win $680,000

(BPT) – The fast-growing clean energy and technology market has the potential to make our economies more sustainable and future-proof. Today’s innovators have the ability to unlock a “green revolution” that builds resilience, creates value and grows prosperity.

The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge challenges the innovators to submit their sustainable business plans. This contest is seeking CO2 reducing ideas from sustainable entrepreneurs. Entrants for the Green Challenge can win $ 680,000.

The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is the largest annual worldwide competition for sustainable entrepreneurs who can instigate change. It is an effort of the Dutch Postcode Lottery to bring smart and innovative green products and services to the mass market and thereby helping to combat climate change. The competition aims to identify a product or a service that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and is capable of being brought to the market within two years. People from all over the world can (free of costs) submit their sustainable business plan until June 3, at This year the Dutch Postcode Lottery organizes the eighth edition of the Green Challenge.

“Climate change presents a challenge for us all. The world needs help embracing a more sustainable way of life. One bright idea can make a big difference,” says Marieke van Schaijk, managing director of the Dutch Postcode Lottery. “We started the Green Challenge to promote the invention of great new green products and services. Simple, yet effective ideas that have a massive impact, can be executed rapidly and are ready to speed up the transition towards a low carbon economy. The answers to the issues of our time are already in front of us. But it takes brilliant and innovative entrepreneurs to raise those answers and get then out into the world.”

Past winners’ successes

Over the past seven years, the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge has helped to advance several valuable, innovative green ideas. Ginger Dosier, an American, won the competition in 2013. Her company, bioMASON, “grows” bricks for use in building construction. American Molly Morse won the 2012 grand prize for Mango Materials, a company that uses bacteria to turn methane into bio-degradable plastic. In 2011, Nick Christy of Australia won with his water recycling shower. The shower system cuts water and energy use and costs by 70 percent without compromising on comfort. In 2010, the American Scot Frank won for his low-priced, multi-purpose portable solar collector Solsource. In 2009, Dean Gregory from the United Kingdom took the prize with The Power Collective’s near-invisible rooftop wind turbines. In 2008, Eben Bayer of the United States won for his natural insulation material @Mushroom Materials. Dutchman Igor Kluin’s Qbox, a device that helps to enable decentralized energy production, took the prize at the first Challenge in 2007.


To be eligible for the Green Challenge, a product or service must reduce greenhouse gas emissions and it should be possible to be in the market within two years. Every entrant sends in a detailed business plan. Entrepreneurs can register at the website until 5:59 EST on June 3.. The winner will receive about $ 680,000 (500,000 euros) to help bring his or her plan to the market. An additional $ 272,000 (200,000 euros) will go to one or two runners-up. The entries are judged through an intensive deliberation process by a renowned group of global jurors. The jury looks for products and services that contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle, directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and score highly on convenience, quality and design. The finalists will present their plans Sept. 11 before the jury, public and the press at an event in Amsterdam. Registration is free of charge.

“We are looking forward to judging new brilliant ideas this year,” says jury member Marty Pickett. “Every year, the quality of entries improves and the decision become more difficult. The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge gives products or services that can create real change every possible chance of success.”


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