Hearing better thanks to smarter technology

(BPT) – Technology has made dramatic improvements in the lives of people of all ages, and the improvements made in hearing technology may be some of the most advanced to occur in the last several years.

Just a decade ago, hearing aids were basic amplifiers. Now they’re completely connected with other technological devices, making everyday life easier for the wearer.

For example, have an iPhone and want to listen to music, or answer a call and hear the person on the line? Starkey’s Halo hearing aids, and the companion TruLink app, allow the hearing devices to connect directly with an iPhone without the need for any other intermediary device.

There are more than 36 million Americans with hearing loss, yet only 20 percent of those who could benefit from a hearing aid actually wear one, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. The hope is that the rapid improvements in technology mean that more people with hearing difficulties will opt to undergo a simple hearing test and find the perfect hearing aid, allowing them to return to the lifestyle of their choice.

Many people avoid getting hearing aids because of the perceived stigma attached to them. People worry they’ll look older or that they will be perceived to have a disability. This is where technology improvements have made great strides. Devices today are much smaller than the hearing aids your parents or grandparents wore. In fact, many are barely visible to others. For example, the Halo is an in-the-canal receiver, making the entire device very discreet. Other devices are so small that no one will notice you are wearing them.

Hearing loss affects Americans of all ages. Sometimes it’s caused by age, but frequently for younger adults, it can be caused by a disease or by over-exposure to loud noises. Improvements in technology are changing the perception of hearing aids, so if you think you are experiencing hearing loss, get your hearing tested. If it’s determined you could benefit from a hearing aid, check out all the latest benefits you can enjoy due to these technological improvements.

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