Help the environment this school year

(BPT) – Thanks to the increase in plastics recycling, more and more everyday products such as school supplies are being made with recycled plastics. So it’s now easier than ever to find the things kids need to succeed at school while also helping the environment. Here are some examples:

Basic supplies

School supplies made with recycled plastics help divert used plastics from landfills to become a resource for making new products. When shopping online or in-store, look for many back-to-school necessities, such as folders, rulers and scissors made with recycled plastics.


For another great way to help the environment, look for backpacks made with recycled plastic fabrics. To make the fabrics, used plastics are melted, stretched into fibers, and woven into durable, lightweight, water-resistant fabrics that then are used to create backpacks in a large variety of sizes, colors and styles.

Lunch boxes and snack bags

To help protect food and generate less waste, look for durable lunch boxes and snack bags made with recycled plastics. These often feature plastic foam insulation to help keep food cool, as well as airtight seals that can reduce exposure to air to keep food fresher.

School clothes

From jackets to T-shirts to schools uniforms, look for styles made with recycled plastic fabrics. Thanks to the versatility of plastics, recycled plastic fabrics are available in a variety of weights and textures, from fleece to poplin. These fabrics are durable, comfortable and surprisingly soft.


In more and more classrooms, portable technology is used as an integral part of learning. To help protect your kids’ expensive devices, look for tablet covers, laptop bags and smartphone cases made with tough recycled plastics.

Playground equipment

The use of recycled plastics in schools doesn’t end with the supplies you acquire for your kids. As the use of recycled plastics expands, schools are investing in durable playground equipment made with used plastic packaging. Depending on size, a single playground can help save tens of thousands of plastic containers from landfills.

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