Holiday dog grooming 101: How to get your pet ready for the party

The holidays are going to the dogs. More than 60 percent of owners include their pets in holiday cards or give them a gift, according to Furthermore, 80 percent of pets participate in holiday celebrations.

No matter what festivities your dog partakes in, grooming is essential to avoid smelly pet odors and keep the seasonal scents of cinnamon and pine trees alive. Here are three quick tips to ensure your dog is seen and not smelled during the holiday season:

1. Scrub without the tub – Save the water for your tree. New no-rinse shampoo is a no fuss, no muss option that literally takes the dirty work out of bathing your pet. It removes top-line dirt and odors, leaving behind a soft and shiny coat. Simply massage the shampoo into the coat and towel off.

2. Remove odors in a pinch – You may not notice the pet odor, but there’s a good chance your guests will. One way to remove the smell without masking the sweet scent of roasted chestnuts is to use an odor neutralizer. Wahl’s All-Natural Odor Neutralizer is a new, all-natural option that is safe to spray on pets, furniture or wherever smells linger.

3. Reduce shedding – Holiday spirit may be in the air, but without some routine brushing, it could also be in the hair. Reduce shedding by brushing regularly. Use the appropriate brush – such as a slicker or pin bristle – daily for a softer, cleaner coat.

These three quick fixes are great solutions during the hustle and bustle of the season. For more information on grooming products, tips and tricks visit

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