How AI is Transforming Life at Home by Thinking of You

(BPT) – We all love the idea of having a washer, refrigerator or smart appliance that gives us important messages and guides our next steps.

But not all smart technology is alike. The last thing you want from your investment is a gimmicky gadget that does nothing more than turn your mobile device into a glorified remote control. So how do you identify the brands with game-changing technology that will be relevant and useful for years to come?

The most advanced smart home technology is equipped with artificial intelligence and allows for a great deal of helpful tools to make your everyday life easier.

AI and the vision of a more connected living experience were highlighted at the recent AI & Big Data Expo North America event in Silicon Valley, at which key speaker Samuel Chang, corporate vice president of LG’s Silicon Valley Lab, discussed the company’s innovations and its focus on improving quality of life. LG’s vision is manifested in LG ThinQ(R), the AI technology embedded into each of the brand’s smart products and solidified through three pillars guiding the company’s artificial intelligence aspirations: Evolve, Connect, Open. These tenets outline LG’s easy to use, proactive products and services that offer a connected experience through personalized and efficient AI for users with diverse needs and tech preferences in their homes.

The goal is always focused on elevating the quality of life at home and beyond, Chang said, “so users can live free and stay focused on what matters.”

Here’s a look at how this highly evolved smart technology equipped with AI is transforming how people are living.

  • Easy, intuitive, effortless: Smart devices shouldn’t be complicated, period. Along with operability that’s practically self-evident and mistake-proof, well-designed AI should be smart enough to fit seamlessly with your existing smart home technology. So, if you have a favorite voice-assisted technology, your new AI-enabled appliance should be easily integrated into your system of choice.
  • Personalized to your needs: One of the cornerstones of AI is learning, which means the more you use these smart devices, the better they operate for you. Because they use the data to learn your preferences and routine, they create a customized user experience that best meets the needs of you and your family.
  • Responds proactively: The most intelligent smart devices on the market also alert you of issues before they turn into full-fledged, costly problems. For example, ThinQ(R) on all LG devices is connected to the brand’s exclusive customer support program, Proactive Customer Care, which provides useful tips to keep the appliance in good condition and sends timely alerts about potential problems. For example, users can receive tips on when to clean the drum of a washing machine and recommendations on which detergent is best for their clothing.
  • Uses energy efficiently: Many users of intelligent devices appreciate saving energy. Not only do AI-enabled products track energy usage, but some can also be programmed to maximize your energy conservation. For example, LG ThinQ(R) devices come with settings, such as Save Mode and Vacation Mode, that synthesize the analytics, sensors and usage data to maximize both your energy savings and pocket savings.

These individual benefits of AI intelligence — from learning your behaviors to proactive alerts and energy savings — come together to transform your daily life! This technology streamlines your routine, takes the guesswork out of everyday tasks, and frees up time for things you’d rather be doing.

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