How organizations can develop diversity in the workplace

Diversity is a word that can define many characteristics when it comes to hiring employees. Diversity encompasses race, age, gender, cultural background, religious affiliations, sexual orientation and even the ways an employee may apply thoughts to decision-making situations.

Being a “diverse company” is a valued label in today’s business climate. For example, stock values of companies listed in the Fortune magazine top 100 companies for minority workers are positively impacted when the list is released. To stay competitive as a diverse company, businesses often will use a diversity officer to create diversity awareness, recruit women and minorities, promote the idea of a diverse workforce and ensure that the organization operates within all applicable Equal Opportunity Laws.

A Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology can open career doors for those wanting to enter roles as diversity officers or other related positions The Chicago School of Professional Psychology offers an online-blended Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology for students who are interested in helping companies create diverse workforces. Within the numerous electives offered by the school, a special diversity elective will prepare students to improve organizational effectiveness and practices in companies.

Students will learn the skills to establish diversity practices, such as:

* Developing strategies for increasing diversity in leadership ranks

* Defining diversity in practical, meaningful and useful terms for all employees at a company

* Identifying important considerations in international staffing

* Designing value-added expatriate programs

* Managing the challenge of balancing conflicting values across cultures

Companies with a diverse workforce have an edge when it comes to competing at the global level. But attaining diversity is more than just meeting number goals. A diversity officer works to build diversity with a team of individuals possessing a blend of strengths and backgrounds that will contribute to the organization’s growth and quality of life in the workplace.

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