How to get your car to go that extra mile – or 100,000

(BPT) – Today’s car owners are keeping their vehicles on the road longer, and it’s not uncommon to find autos with odometer readings of 200,000, 300,000 or more. While increasingly common, that kind of longevity still merits bragging rights. So how can you reach the six-figure mile-mark? The answer is as simple as listening to your car, following a regular maintenance schedule and asking yourself these questions:

* Does your car pull to one side when you’re driving down a straight road? If it does, check your tires for uneven wear that could pull your vehicle out of alignment.

* Do your brakes squeal when you are slowing down to stop? It’s a tell-tale sign they are beginning to wear. Your vehicle may need brake fluid, or new brake pads. Never allow your brakes get to the point that you hear grinding. That sound of metal contacting metal can mean costly repairs to the rotors and replacement of the brakes themselves.

* Do you hear a whine when you start your car? Belts and hoses don’t last forever, and that’s why it’s important to check them for cracks, tears and overall wear. Simple and relatively inexpensive repairs of a hose or belt could prevent catastrophic damage to you engine or radiator.

While these are things you can take care of by sight or sound, you cannot easily see the inner-workings of your vehicle’s engine. This is why it is important to use products that will protect your vehicle on the inside as well.

Premium synthetic lubricant manufacturer Royal Purple offers motor oil specifically formulated for high mileage vehicles with their proprietary additive technology Synerlec and zinc/phosphorus anti-wear additives. Available in 5W30 and 10W30 viscosities, Royal Purple’s HMX minimizes wear and restores lost engine performance, extends drain intervals, reduces engine deposits and provides superior corrosion protection.

It’s no easy task to keep your vehicle on the road once you hit the 100,000-mile mark but paying attention to the signs your car may be showing you and protecting the main components under the hood will hopefully stay on the road for miles to come.

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