How virtual education could be a last-minute lifesaver for your expat child

(BPT) – You know the right way to find the best school for your children when moving abroad is to do your research and plan ahead. But what happens when circumstances prevent you from preparing the way you’d like? Many expat parents find themselves in situations like these:

* You’ve been offered the promotion of a lifetime – and the only hitch is that your family will need to move overseas next week.

* You’ve identified the perfect international school for your child, but you’re 50th on the waiting list and the first day of school is just around the corner.

* You’re relocating in the middle of the school year, or relocating for a short-term assignment, or both.

* Your child is so anxious about being uprooted from his regular routines that he’s acting out in class – and your new school abroad has asked you to place him elsewhere, immediately.

When you need a new school now – anywhere in the world

When you need a new school at the last minute, top-quality global virtual schools like International Connections Academy can be a lifesaver for you and your kids. A virtual school brings the entire school experience – teachers, curriculum, learning materials and classmates – to your family wherever you are in the world. The best virtual schools are fully accredited for serving students around the globe, and offer engagingly rigorous academic programs that deliver students to the world’s top universities.

Take it from an expat mom faced with finding a school for her teenage triplets in Dubai. “Virtual schools give parents and children the freedom to control their learning,” says Kathryn Pitts, whose high schoolers Jarrett, Joi and Justin attended International Connections Academy while the family traveled abroad.

Because virtual schools operate via technology, they can adapt very quickly to the kinds of urgent circumstances expat families sometimes face. Here’s how:

* Fast enrollment: Assuming you have in-hand proof of your child’s age (such as a passport or birth certificate) and prior school record (such as a report card), you can get your child enrolled in a virtual school in 24-48 hours. At International Connections Academy, for example, an Admissions Advisor will expedite the process with you by phone or email, and will serve as your ongoing family coordinator after the enrollment logistics are complete.

* Extended open enrollment: Because space isn’t an issue and schedules are flexible, virtual schools have enrollment deadlines that can accommodate new students long after the school year has begun. At International Connections Academy, students can still enroll for first semester as late as November, and second semester admissions roll into mid-spring.

* Flexible pacing and customized course load: Being the new kid in school is hard enough! A quality virtual program can make the transition easier by adjusting pacing and workload to give last-minute students a chance to catch up. At International Connections Academy, teachers work with new students and their parents to create a customized daily program of self-paced lessons and live sessions.

* A school you can take with you: Many expat families find themselves moving not just once but multiple times, starting their school search all over every time. A global virtual school can move with you, allowing continuity and excellence wherever your family goes. That’s one of the reasons quality programs like International Connections Academy win top marks in parent satisfaction year after year.

* Affordable tuition: Compared to similar high-quality brick-and-mortar schools, tuition at top virtual schools like International Connections Academy is a pleasant surprise for many expat families. You can pay via secure credit card transaction and can choose from a variety of payment plans. Be sure to ask about discounts for international enrollment and multiple children.

Having a virtual school they could bring along with them has allowed Kathryn and husband Jarrett Pitts, Sr. to say for their family: “This is a small world. Why not see it all!”

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