How will a slow PC mess with your life?

Think of the countless times when your life has come to a grinding halt due to a slow PC and how frustrating the experience was. Whether you are a CEO, small-business owner, student, or someone at home surfing the Internet, a slow PC can be frustrating and counter-productive. If you are a PC user, slow is going to get you and mess with your life.

With an increasing dependency on technology, we waste countless hours dealing with slow computer issues, which often stem from a computer virus. Viruses are one of the most common causes of sluggish computers, making them crash, compromising your security, and possibly erasing your computer’s memory.

We have all experienced the frustration of a slow PC acting up at a critical moment; like when you’re rushing to meet an important deadline, bagging a special offer, or just buying the last available movie or concert ticket online. The anxiety and rage that it can potentially cause is something we have all experienced at some time or the other.

The increasing number of devices and software used with PCs has led to a speed meltdown, and there are times when you just stare at the spinning hourglass on your screen as precious time ticks by. Extreme aggravation, irrational frustration and just plain old impatience are the result.

What you may find out is that a slow PC is a symptom of a long list of possible problems. Having experienced the very real anxiety felt by people who live with slow computers, iYogi has launched the “KillSlow” movement at With its thousands of tech experts, iYogi offers on-demand, free diagnoses for any consumer over the Internet. Tech experts help you quickly identify the reason for slow on your computer and also help you with virus removal.

IYogi is an independent, remote technical support provider for consumers and small businesses, with in-depth knowledge of what it takes to keep your PC running fast.

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Now, there’s no longer a reason to live with your slow PC when you can quickly and easily take care of those symptoms – before the slow gets to you.