It’s a Good Day for Quality [Video]

(BPT) – There’s no place like home, especially when it comes to manufacturing the products that keep you comfortable. That’s why YORK(R) is eager to introduce homeowners to the people behind the residential heating and cooling systems that are designed, engineered and assembled in America.

To help make these introductions, the YORK(R) brand has created a series of day-in-the-life videos that highlight the lives of YORK(R) employees, both at home and at work. The series rolls out with a video included here featuring Chris, a senior test technician at the company’s Wichita manufacturing facility and the father of two young boys. Take a minute to watch the video and experience the pride in workmanship Chris and so many others throughout the company bring to their work every day. Appreciate his commitment to do whatever it takes to deliver the very best products he can. Be assured that with Chris’ help, YORK(R) products are manufactured with the highest quality standards, delivering performance, efficiency and reliability homeowners can trust.

To learn more about YORK(R) quality and see how Chris brings his passion to work — and to each unit YORK(R) makes — visit Also follow on YouTube, @YORKHVAC on Twitter and @yorkhomecomfort on Instagram. #GoodDayForQuality

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