It’s Tournament Time, and Millions of Men Are ‘Mad’ About March

(BPT) – But for many men, basketballs and brackets take a backseat to a very personal and under-recognized medical condition – Peyronie’s disease (PD). PD can cause curvature that could be painful during arousal and intimacy. It’s more common than you think – affecting as many as 1 in 10 men worldwide. Worse still, many men with PD don’t get medical help because they may be just too embarrassed to talk about it, even with a doctor.

Jerry Punch, MD, has spent the last 32 years as a sports commentator for college basketball, college football and auto racing. He is also a licensed physician. “As a sports announcer, I’ve witnessed thousands of men on the court, on the field and on the racetrack in their physical prime: cool, confident and thriving in the face of challenge. But as a doctor, I have seen how men can react when a physical challenge becomes personal – or intimate. That confidence and bravado can quickly turn to embarrassment – even isolation.”

Understandably, PD can be extremely difficult for the men who experience its effects. In addition to the physical challenges it can cause, PD often results in feelings of low self-esteem and depression – not to mention emotional and relationship problems with their partners.

In order to help raise awareness of PD and provide the men who have it with the information and encouragement they need to face the challenges of PD head on, Dr. Punch is teaming up with the Men’s Health Network and Endo Pharmaceuticals on a new campaign called “Ask About the Curve.”

“If you think you might have PD, it’s really important that you talk with a urologist, who specializes in men’s health conditions,” says Dr. Punch. “It may seem embarrassing, but it’s important that you speak up and get the help you need. You can handle this challenge.”

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