Keep your skin glowing by staying active as temperatures start to drop

(BPT) – For some, chillier weather can decrease the likelihood of sticking to a consistent workout routine. Luckily, there are plenty of small changes one can make to ensure that staying active during short winter days and long nights remains a priority. Not only does exercise benefit physical and mental well-being, but it also has a positive effect on the look and feel of skin.

Celebrity fitness trainer Kacy Duke’s motto for staying active is “movement is a privilege.” She firmly believes that colder weather is no excuse to press pause on one’s workout routine. As part of the Simple Skincare Advisory Board – a group of experts who help women care for their skin from the inside out – Duke is well-versed in the positive impact that physical fitness can have on one’s complexion. As the weather turns, she shares her tips for how anyone can stay active and ultimately keep skin glowing throughout the winter months.

Make it a habit
Duke advises clients to get into the habit of working out before the dead of winter arrives. “It can be a challenge to start a fitness routine in freezing temperatures – especially if you haven’t started taking small steps beforehand,” she says. “Push yourself by setting unrealistic goals that you think you may not be able to achieve – in other words think big to win big, so even if you fall a little short, you’re still ahead of the game and on your way to locking in a healthy exercise habit.”

Lean on friends
Switch out happy hour drinks for fitness outings with friends so that being active becomes a social activity. Plan to run a 5 kilometer race with a friend or schedule a weekly spin class together so that all parties are held accountable. “I recently created my ‘Girlfriend Training Sessions’ and ‘Bromance Workout Sessions’ so that girls and guys can work with me in a small, semi-private group setting and bond over a great workout and healthy sweat rather than calorie-packed cocktails,” says Duke. Fitness won’t feel like a chore once it’s enjoyed in a social setting.

Remember the skin-loving benefits
Exercise increases blood flow and helps flush cellular debris out of the system. Plus, exercise tones muscles and reduces stress, all of which contributes to an improved overall appearance. At the end of any movement session, make facial cleansing a can’t-miss step to remove sweat and remaining traces of makeup. Try products that have no dyes, artificial perfumes or harsh chemicals that can upset skin, such as the Simple Skincare Facial Wipes that refresh with one step (no rinsing required) and are ideal for packing in gym bags. As sleeping in makeup can increase likelihood of skin sensitivity, irritation and dullness, follow Duke’s advice: “Washing one’s face post-workout and before bed ensures what I like to call a ‘No Makeup Wakeup’ – so you can start the day with naturally healthy-looking skin.”

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