Living in luxury with the look of stone and slate flooring

You can enjoy the rich, natural beauty and timeless appeal of stone or slate flooring anywhere in your home. The inspiring looks and touchable textures of stone and slate are actually available in an affordable, comfortable-to-walk-on, easy-care floor. The look is so natural, so real that it’ll take more than a first or second glance to reveal that these luxurious floors are, in fact, premium vinyl tile.

The latest advances in vinyl digital printing and embossing technologies faithfully capture the aesthetic qualities of stone flooring and slate flooring. You’ll find these floors offer captivating mosaic patterns, stunning passages of color, and the visual depth of clefts flowing across the gently textured surface, as if they were carved from the earth like real stone or slate.

A spectrum of stone and slate colors

Stone flooring collections in premium vinyl tile feature such classic looks as quartz, marble, travertine and slate. Slate flooring looks alone offer an unbelievable selection of colors and patterns just like natural slate, which varies according to its geographic origin. At one end of the spectrum is the traditional look of slate pavers with their uniform blend of charcoal, gray and black. In the middle come the softer, creamier shades of tan, brown and green. And if you want to add a little excitement to your decor, check out the kaleidoscope of vivid colors like blue, rust or mustard. These exotic looks mimic Indian and African slate flooring with brilliant colors and dramatic veining.

Premium vinyl tile combines the best features of stone or slate to achieve a realistic, yet precisely designed random visual. Your stone flooring or slate flooring will showcase completely natural characteristics without any undesirable variations. Part of that design precision includes a complete range of colors with a blend of warm and cool undertones to complement any decorating scheme, giving you ultimate flexibility in creating a distinctive space.

Warmth and comfort underfoot

One of the big advantages of premium vinyl tile over natural stone or slate is how it feels under foot. Stone and slate are brittle and cold. Premium vinyl tile feels warm and cushy, taking the idea of stone flooring or slate flooring to a whole new level of comfortable luxury. Dropped plates? Not a problem. Unlike actual stone flooring, premium vinyl tile has a quiet and forgiving surface that tolerates drops and spills.

Easy maintenance

Cleaning, care and upkeep will never be a worry with premium vinyl tile stone or slate flooring. These floors are durable and made to last. And they maintain their great looks even in the most active households, including those with kids and pets, thanks to a tough protective wear layer that resists scratches, scuffs, stains, and spills.

Enhance your lifestyle with the understated elegance of stone or slate looks in premium vinyl tile. One look, one touch is all you need to understand the beauty and appeal of these exceptional floors.

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