Look great at any age with an age-appropriate skin care regimen

(BPT) – Most fashion experts agree that a woman’s wardrobe should mature with her. When you’re in your 20s, you probably don’t want to swap clothes with your 50-something mother, and in your 40s you may no longer feel you look your best in the short skirts you wore 20 years ago. Skin care needs also evolve over time, and by adjusting your regimen, it’s possible to keep skin looking healthy and great regardless of your age.

“Skin can look and feel healthy throughout a woman’s life, as long as she addresses the age-specific needs and issues of her skin,” says Georges Benarroch, founder of SimySkin. “Just as the rest of her body changes throughout her life, a woman’s skin evolves as well. What’s perfect for a woman in her 30s might not be right for one in her 20s or another in her 50s.”

Matching your skin care regimen to your age-specific needs doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some age-appropriate tips for taking care of your skin:

Women 18-25

While your skin has that healthy glow of youth, you can take steps now to maintain skin health and preserve that look for later in your life. Avoid actions that can lead to damage or drying, such as overexposure to the sun and poor hydration. Always apply a full-spectrum UVA/UVB blocking sunscreen to exposed skin whenever you go outside in every season, not just summer. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and use a seasonally appropriate moisturizer. Since early signs of fatigue, like dark circles and under-eye bags, can emerge during this phase of your life, choose products that can help you preserve skin’s youthful quality. SimySkin’s Phase I Eye Serum uses potent active ingredients to correct puffiness and promote skin health and healing.

Women 25-45

The first signs of aging begin to emerge during these mid-point years. Continue moisturizing and protecting skin against sun damage. As skin ages, exfoliating becomes increasingly important. You’ll also want to adjust your cosmetic choices to incorporate products designed for your skin’s age, such as a foundation that brightens skin. Choose products that can help maintain firmness and slow the development of fine lines, such as SimySkin’s Phase II Eye Serum and Phase I Face Serum. With all-natural ingredients, the products are good for all skin types and levels of sensitivity.

Women 45-plus

Sunscreen and moisturizer will continue to be vital throughout your life, but as wrinkles and other visible signs of aging emerge, you’ll need to adjust your skin care regimen to address these changes. Choose products to help regenerate skin cells, stimulate elastin production and reduce wrinkles. When cleansing, be sure to use products that remove makeup, oil and dirt without stripping moisture from the skin. Pay attention to parts of the body where aging is most evident, such as the neck and around the eyes. SimySkin’s Phase II Neck Serum can help reduce the signs of aging in this common trouble spot, while SimySkin’s Phase III Eye Serum helps recover skin elasticity and tone around the eyes.

“Healthy skin is important – and achievable – at any age,” Benarroch says. To learn more about SimySkin products for every age, visit www.simyskin.com.

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