Mobile apps speed up holiday shopping process – with money savings

More and more people are connecting with work and family while on the go. The availability of different apps for smartphones makes it possible to conduct business, make lists, schedule meetings and contact family members when a change of plans occurs, all while sitting in an office meeting, waiting for an appointment or heading home on the bus.

Apps also make life easier on the home front. Need a gift for any last minute additions to a holiday shopping list? Use your smartphone to make shopping, buying and delivery of gifts much easier – with sometimes significant cost savings.

For example, the Ebates mobile app for iOS provides users with access to more than 1,600 stores, including the big name stores like Macy’s, Target, Walmart and Home Depot. The app allows users to price compare, access coupons and discounts, be notified of hot deals and of course, earn cash back on all purchases made through the site. Because the app is mobile on smartphones and tablets, it allows you to do your holiday shopping when you have the time, and when the gift ideas strike you – so you don’t forget.

Online shopping has helped American’s save money on their holiday shopping lists for years now. Between coupons, discounts, free shipping, cash back savings and not having to spend money on gas to drive from store to store, the savings can really add up. Online shopping customers are also able to price comparison shop, and make a purchase when they find the best deal online.

By using mobile apps for or on a smartphone or tablet, online shopping can happen at any time or any place with Internet access, and still provide shoppers with the savings they already earn online. Plus, the mobile sites can help speed up the shopping process, allowing users to filter deals and handle the price comparison with a simple push of a button.

With online shopping and mobile apps this holiday season making it easier and cheaper to cross off items on the holiday shopping list, the biggest worry will be making certain the mobile devices are fully charged and always handy.

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