Navy Reserve provides a great career option for medical students

(BPT) – The schooling needed to become a doctor is extensive and expensive. There are four years of undergraduate studies, four years in a medical school, and then several years of residency, depending on the medical field the student wants to pursue. For doctors who want to pursue a specialized field, a fellowship is also needed, and this can add another one to three years of schooling.

The costs for this schooling can quickly add up, which is one reason medical students want to get as much paid experience as they can. One area where medical students are needed is the Navy Medical Reserve. Health-care professionals will gain experience helping others around the world at sea or at top medical facilities. They’ll be exposed to advanced training and technology so progressive, the civilian sector may not even be aware of it yet.

There are many medical career opportunities available in the Medical Reserve. You could work behind the scenes, or be on the front line of health care delivery. You could care for the health and mental needs of service members, or expand into the local community of a third-world country that’s been hit by catastrophe. Thousands of people serve in Navy Health Care, researching a better way of life or guarding against threats to human health.

Medical students who join Navy Medical Reserve may do the following:

* Use the latest techniques and technology in state-of-the-art facilities, such as a national naval hospital.

* Collaborate with skilled, dedicated colleagues using unrivaled resources.

* Support medical relief and education efforts around the globe.

* Take on leadership roles among leaders, giving students unrivaled management experience.

In addition, the Navy Medical Reserve is a team made up of professionals facing unique experiences that will improve your skills and increase your knowledge, which is something you won’t be able to find in the civilian world. Plus, you can get this experience while living at home, or just about any place around the world, on a schedule that fits your life.

As you contemplate the future years of schooling you’ll need to complete your medical degree, consider how serving in the Navy Medical Reserve can influence your career. You’ll discover high respect and admiration from the nation for your service.

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