New technology gives students an edge as they head back to school

(BPT) – As the summer comes to an end and students begin preparing for the new school year, tech gadgets are one of the must-have items on any shopping list.

For students running from class-to-class, high tech tools fit easily into a backpack or tote and make everything from class activities to homework easier to manage. Where their parents’ generation relied on paper notebooks and folders, today’s students need to keep pace with technological developments in the real world – and the classroom.

Ultrabooks, one of the newest options for students who want to tackle schoolwork in style, come in a variety of colors and several ultra-thin, ultra-sleek designs. The devices also offer five hours or more of battery life, allowing students to be untethered from a plug for extended periods without having to fight for spots next to an outlet at the library. With the addition of Intel Smart Connect Technology, students will always be in the know on the latest news from their study groups, friends or family as emails and social networks are kept up-to-date by periodically syncing with information stored on the Web.

So whether finalizing a paper, digging into research, connecting to social networks or staying in touch with friends and family back home, it’s important that students are equipped with the technology to get it all accomplished. With the variety of Ultrabook systems available today, there is something out there for everyone. A few choices to consider are:

* Dell XPS 14

Staying connected with loved ones easy, using the Dell XPS 14 and Skype4 video conferencing. This Ultrabook device is one of the first laptops to be certified by Skype and offers pre-installed Skype software. Coupled with the Dell XPS 14’s HD Webcam, this Ultrabook device will help first-time college students fight off homesickness and keep families close, no matter how far away they live.


No more panicking about power cords left behind at home – the HP Envy 4 is incredibly compact and boasts up to eight hours of battery life. This device is perfect for heavy-duty study sessions at the library, especially when all the desks near outlets are full.

* Samsung Series 5

When taking a much needed study break, this computer offers students the ultimate entertainment experience. Students can watch movies, check out photos, listen to music or play games with lightning speed. And with Intel Wireless Display and a TV adapter, content can be easily streamed wirelessly from the device to a TV screen to share the experience with friends.

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