Pamper your feet, now, in preparation for sandal season

(BPT) – With spring break plans in place and summer just around the corner – sandal season is finally here. It’s time to put foot care on your immediate to-do list so your feet will be up to the task of showing off your newest pair of sandals with pride the second temperatures creep into the warm zone. Don’t forget to start these simple foot-care tips now, giving your feet a beautiful new look come spring:

* Spring showers bring softer feet – The dry winter air not only creates deep dry crevasses in the soil, it can leave feet cracked and scaly, which isn’t pretty for men or women. White and flaky feet don’t go well with the latest fashion in sandals. Cracked and scaly feet are also a health concern, putting you at risk for an infection. Use a good moisturizing lotion frequently, concentrating on the heels, balls and toes of your feet – areas where the biggest problems build up.

* Massage away the stresses of winter – Foot care isn’t just about how your feet look – it’s also about how they feel. Massage and moisturizing go together like peaches and cream. Massage the lotion into your feet and toes, helping to improve your blood circulation and easing the aches and stresses caused by long days wearing socks and heavy shoes. Massage also will refresh the skin on your feet, giving them the soft appearance needed to look great once the socks are removed.

* Scrub off the cold – When bathing, soak your feet and exfoliate areas where calluses – caused by the friction of socks rubbing against the insides of your shoes – build up. This often happens on the heels and balls of the feet – those same areas that need the extra lotion. Use a pumice stone to help keep those calluses in check, leaving you with soft feet ready for the beach and playing in the sunshine.

* Yellow is the color of the sun, not your toenails – Yellow toenails are a sign of a fungal infection, which can be treated with Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste. About 14 percent of Americans have this type of fungus, which leaves nails looking textured with a dark yellow coloring. Dr. Paul Kinsinger developed the gel to treat his patients at his Illini Family Medicine in Washington, Ill. With proper usage, you’ll start to see improvements between two to six weeks, leaving you with beautiful-looking toes by the time spring has sprung.

* Cabin fever? Give your feet a breath of fresh air – You wouldn’t think you’d have to worry about sweaty feet in the winter months, but when confined to socks and shoes, moisture can build up. Wear sweat-wicking socks to help prevent blisters when working hard like shoveling snow or going for a winter hike. And take off your shoes and socks every once in a while to let your feet breathe.

* Surprise your feet with a spa package – This tip is for both men and women. Establishing a pedicure schedule will keep your feet exfoliated and moisturized on a consistent basis, and your toenails will be trimmed to a suitable length, helping to prevent any ingrown nails. And if you are planning a tropical spring break trip, be sure to schedule a pedicure just before you leave, so you’ll be ready to show off your feet at their finest.

It takes time to pamper your feet to be ready for sandal season, so be sure to get started moisturizing and treating any infections immediately. Your feet will thank you.

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