Pregnancy can be a beautiful thing

(BPT) – The big news that a baby is on the way is a time for celebration, excitement and planning. Many couples choose to keep this information quiet for the first couple of months, so they can celebrate the upcoming change in their life together. But sometimes, morning sickness for the mom-to-be can let the news out of the bag earlier than intended.

Morning sickness – pregnancy-related nausea – is very common, especially during the first trimester. However, the problem isn’t the same for every woman, as the nausea can occur at any time of day or night (not just in the morning) and some women experience it throughout their pregnancy. For some women, it’s a minor annoyance. For others, it can become a serious issue. No one is sure exactly what causes it, but hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy probably play a role.

Morning sickness relief can be complicated, too, since many women try to avoid taking medications during pregnancy. And what works for one woman, may not be as effective for another.

Fortunately, if you’re experiencing morning sickness, there are natural, alternative remedies that can help control your upset tummy, and help you keep your news private until you’re ready to share. Some are age-old (taking ginger for an upset stomach) and some are leading edge (using a wrist band to provide acupressure). Here are some nonmedicinal remedies you can use to relieve morning sickness:

* Lifestyle changes – Making certain changes in your eating habits can also help relieve morning sickness, according to the Mayo Clinic. The clinic’s website recommends mothers-to-be choose foods that are high-carb, low-fat and easy to digest, and avoid greasy, spicy and fatty foods. Having an empty stomach can actually make nausea worse, so consider snacking on a few crackers or a piece of dry toast before getting out of bed and snacking throughout the day rather than eating three larger meals.

* Ginger – For centuries, Asian cultures have recognized ginger’s ability to help settle an upset stomach. You may find sipping ginger tea will help relieve your nausea, or you can increase the use of this spice in your cooking to help create a more even, lasting effect. For times when you need quick relief, you can try ginger lozenges. Sea-Band makes a variety, dubbed Mama! Ginger Lozenges, that also include folic acid, which is believed to help promote healthy fetal development. These are available at

* Aromatherapy – Sensitivity to certain smells is also common during pregnancy and can even bring on pregnancy-related nausea. Aromas can also help relieve symptoms. Scents like ginger, peppermint and spearmint can help an unsettled stomach feel better. At home, try potpourri or sachets scented with these essential oils. On the go, a wearable product, like Sea-Band Mama! pocket-sized Essential Oils Rollette can help deliver the soothing aromas of spearmint and ginger.

* Acupressure – Just as wearing an acupressure wrist band can help fight motion sickness, these bands may help moms-to-be relieve morning sickness. Available at, products like Sea-Band Mama! place continuous pressure on a specific point on the wrist that has been associated with relieving an unsettled stomach. An Italian study found that pregnant women who used Sea-Bands had their morning sickness symptoms reduced by 70 percent.

For all the joys pregnancy can bring to your life, you’ll have to cope with challenges too. Morning sickness – like puffy ankles and an expanding waistline – is a reality of pregnancy, but it doesn’t have to spoil your enjoyment of this special time. Natural remedies can help you feel better without the potential risks of medication. To learn more about acupressure and ginger remedies, visit Sea-band products are available online at and

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