Prepare for things that pop up this spring

(BPT) – Spring is known for things that “pop” up, from warm weather to special occasions. To help you make the most of both, Lay’s is offering you two things you absolutely need: the perfect snack and the biggest pop culture dance moves.

We know picnics and barbecues are on the rise, and so are casual movie nights with friends. Whatever the occasion, we now have you covered with a go-to snack that just started popping up in aisles – Poppables! These bite-size multidimensional popped potato snacks are light-textured and full of flavor on the inside and out, bringing a whole new level of fun, and pop, to snack time.

But the pop doesn’t have to stop there. For those looking to get things “popping” on the dance floor at weddings, birthday parties or even in your living room, here are a few simple moves to help you bring your A-game.

1. Dab – Drop your head while raising an arm and rest your face inside the elbow of your other arm. It may resemble a sneeze, but this dance move found instant popularity after it was adopted by professional football players and later by celebrities worldwide.

2. Chest Pop – A popular move from the “popping” dance style, contract your chest and “pop” it out fast. This signature move will make you look like a pro.

3. Arm Wave – Seen as a core dance move, the arm wave is the illusion that your limbs turn to water. Once you’ve perfected the arm wave, try mastering the full-body wave next!

4. Poppable – And finally, introducing the “Poppable,” which includes popping a Poppables snack into your mouth while bopping side to side. This is sure to be the hottest new trend.

Poppables flavors include White Cheddar and Sea Salt and are now available nationwide in 5 oz. bags for a suggested retail price of $ 3.29 each and 2 oz. bags for a suggested retail price of $ 1.69.

Now you’re equipped with the tips to make your spring the best one yet. Be sure to pop by for more information.

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