Say ‘bye bye’ to bathroom remodeling blues with 5 budget-friendly tips

(BPT) – Beautifying your bathroom sounds exciting but oftentimes renovation plans begin with good intentions and end up a long, costly nightmare. The national average cost for a bathroom remodel is $ 10,142, according to the Cost Guide from That’s a hefty investment but one that can easily be reduced with a simple refresh of the space instead. Here are five cost-effective updates you can make to your bathroom in as little as a weekend.

Enhance walls with color and pattern

You don’t need to re-paint an entire room to alter its overall appearance. Adding a color or design to just one wall in the bathroom can revive the whole space. Have some fun with an accent wall – yellows and golds will warm it up, greens and blues are calming; and if you want bold color, Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s 2014 color of the year, is a bright hue that will really pop. Striped patterns are also a great option – they’re modern and on-trend, plus provide an easy fix for smaller areas. You can use the direction of the stripes to make the space seem larger: horizontal stripes will make it look wider, whereas vertical stripes will elongate walls and give the illusion of a higher ceiling.

Make a statement with the mirror

To add character to your bathroom with minimal effort, install a unique, eye-catching mirror. Framed styles are a great option, but they can be pricey. However, a little ingenuity can deliver the look you want for a fraction of the cost. Check out a local flea market or thrift store to see if you can find a distinctive picture frame that could be transformed into a mirror. To make it really stand out, look for finds with unconventional shapes, finishes or colors.

Declutter and organize shelves and other spaces

Looking for an easy way to switch up the decor in your bathroom? Shelf liner, in addition to its traditional uses in kitchens and closets, can be both fun and functional for the bath. Start by cleaning out the space, including cabinets, drawers, the sink top, under the sink and any other storage areas. Then cut and install a non-adhesive shelf liner like Duck brand Smooth Top Easy Liner, which is available in an array of colors and prints to complement various color schemes or styles. It offers a smooth top and grip bottom for easy sliding of items, plus the smooth surface catches messes and spills as they happen to make clean-up a breeze (it’s even machine-washable for larger messes and spills). And, because it’s non-adhesive, you can quickly and easily switch it out when the decorating bug hits again.

Brighten up the space with new light fixtures

Lighting in any room of the house can affect the way the overall design of the room is received. When done right, fixtures fit in seamlessly; when done wrong, they stick out and distract from other decor. The bathroom light is a great opportunity to inject flair and style into your space with ease – plus provide the illumination you need to get ready for the day. Switch out older ceiling lights with trendy lanterns or an inexpensive, vintage chandelier. For vanities, try sconces with unexpected shades or use tall tabletop lamps instead of wall-mounted styles for added pizzazz.

Pull the room together with accessories

Accessories are a perfect – and inexpensive – way to add unexpected texture, color and design to a bathroom. Look for options that complement your style to add personality and bring the whole room together. And, don’t forget behind the shower curtain – although bath mats often serve the utilitarian purpose of providing a skid-resistant surface for safer footing, they can add a touch of style, too. Duck brand offers several designer bath mats that are not only soft and comfortable, but can also add a bit of pop to otherwise plain surfaces.

Don’t ignore the bathroom’s old appearance over the fear of high renovation costs. A few easy-to-do – and seemingly inexpensive – changes can go a long way in transforming your bathroom’s style from drab to fab.

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