Secret weapons moms use to cope with back-to-school chaos

(BPT) – For moms, back to school means transitioning back into routines filled with more activities to shuttle kids and their friends to and from, more homework to keep track of and more chaos to deal with at home. But with a little preparation and an arsenal of secret weapons, moms can get through it, even if it’s simply sharing strategies so they know they’re not alone.

According to a new survey of 1,000 U.S. moms of children ages 3-17 by Wakefield Research, 85 percent of moms agree that pizza is their go-to meal when their kids’ friends come over, not only because the kids love it, but because it’s an essential to keep on hand for last-minute plans.

Here are some of the other ways moms say they cope with everything from household chaos to mealtime madness.

Who needs sleep? Unfortunately, most moms handle chaos during the day and revisit other responsibilities late at night after kids are in bed. In fact, 61 percent have stayed up until midnight or later to finish chores or responsibilities they couldn’t complete during the day. More than 1 in 4 moms have stayed up until 2 a.m. or later.

Nodding off at work. Late nights can take a toll on moms who need to be up and “on” in front of coworkers during the day. Half of working moms concede they’ve been so exhausted from lack of sleep that they’ve taken a nap at the office, and one-third of them confess to taking on-the-job snoozes more than once.

Sanity-keeping strategies. Moms turn to many strategies to minimize the daily crisis at home. Their most common ways are prioritizing what’s important (81 percent) and posting lists such as chores and to-dos (73 percent). More than a third (34 percent) look to mom blogs for tips.

Send help now! Some moms end up turning a blind eye to what’s under the surface — literally. Nearly a quarter (24 percent) admit they can see just half or less of their floors clearly, meaning parts of the floor that aren’t covered with toys, paper or furniture. Moms crave help so often, nearly half (48 percent) agree they would choose a full day of housekeeping and caretaking versus a full day of spa treatments.

Defusing dinnertime drama. Pizza is more than a convenience; it’s a peacemaker. Eighty percent of moms believe pizza would quiet their kids quicker than an air horn; 65 percent agree having pizza to give their kids at the end of the day is just as relaxing to moms as wine; and more than half concur it is one of the only things that settles mealtime mayhem at home. For example, Red Baron pizza is a meal everyone in the family can agree on, providing one less battle to get everyone through the school year. One delicious slice at a time.

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